BURUNDI: Joint Communique of the Seventh Summit 1999.1.25

BURUNDI: Joint Communique of the Seventh Summit 1999.1.25


1. At the invitation of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the Republic of Uganda and President Benjamin William Mkapa of the United Republic of Tanzania, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Arusha Initiative on the Burundi Peace Process respectively, President Daniel Arap Moi of the Republic of Kenya; President Pasteur Bizimungu of the Republic of Rwanda; Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Foreign Minister Hon. S. K. Walubita, representing President Frederick Chiluba of the Republic of Zambia; and Minister of State Hon. V. Mpoyo, representing President Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo, attended the Seventh Regional Summit on the conflict in Burundi held in Arusha on 23rd January, 1999.

2. Also participating in the Regional Summit were the OAU Secretary General Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim and the Facilitator of the Burundi Peace Process, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere.

3 The Facilitator of the Burundi Peace Process, Mwalimu Nyerere, briefed the Regional Summit on the positive developments in his efforts to facilitate a negotiated solution to the Burundi conflict and in particular on the progress in the Burundi Peace Negotiations taking place in Arusha.

4 The Regional Summit was also briefed by the Burundi Head of State, Major Pierre Buyoya, on various measures taken in relation to the decisions of the preceding Regional Summits on the creation of an environment conducive to negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Burundi.

5 The Regional Summit reviewed the political situation in Burundi and the developments in the Burundi Peace Negotiations. It expressed its satisfaction over the positive progress achieved so far. In this regard, it decided to suspend all the remaining sanctions imposed by the countries of the Great Lakes Region on Burundi. The decision has been taken in the spirit of giving further impetus to the Burundi Peace Negotiations under the facilitation of Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere.

6. The Regional Summit called on all parties to sustain the momentum of the Burundi Peace Negotiations until the conclusion of a final peace accord which would guarantee the restoration of lasting peace, genuine democracy and security for all.

[7]. The countries of the region will monitor closely the rate of progress in the Burundi Peace Negotiations over the coming few months. In this regard, the Regional Summit decided that the suspension of sanctions will be subject to review based on the progress made in the negotiations.

8. The Regional Summit commended the countries of the region for their commitment and determination to work together for a peaceful and negotiated resolution of the Burundi conflict as well as their firm support and cooperation to the efforts of the Facilitator in his endeavor.

9. The Regional Summit expressed its appreciation to the international community for its support to the Burundi Peace Process and urged it to continue with that support until the end of the process. The Regional Summit further urged the international community to be prepared to resume regular development assistance to Burundi as soon as a peace settlement has been reached at Arusha.

10. The Seventh Regional Summit expressed its appreciation to President Benjamin Mkapa, the people and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for hosting the Summit and for the cordial reception and hospitality accorded to the Heads of delegation.


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