Great Lakes: IRIN Questionnaire, 01/24/97

Great Lakes: IRIN Questionnaire, 01/24/97

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IRIN Questionnaire: 24 January 1997

IRIN invites its subscribers to reply to the following questions and return the answers to us before February 3 if possible. The survey will help us tailor a service to your needs and enable us to continue improving our output. Thank you for taking the time to fill out all or some of the questions below.

1. Is the information received useful or of interest to you?

2. Are you receiving information that you would otherwise not see? 3. Is there too much information? Are you aware that there are two lists (higher and lower volume)? 4. What particular types of information would you like to see more or less of:

Situation reports regarding different countries? Features? Background information on the countries in the region? Other (please specify)

5. Would you prefer if the information was categorised and distributed in some other way?

6. Are there competing/overlapping services which provide similar information?

7. Are you re-distributing reports received from IRIN to other people? If so, how many people receive re-distributed information from you?

8. Do you think doing postal deliveries would be an advantage for those not reachable by fax or e-mail? Would you be able to suggest how to achieve this?

9. Would maps/graphics be of use when issuing reports?

For e-mail users to receive graphics: what encoding do you prefer? (MIME/UUCODE); What file format? (GIF/PCX/JPG, Other)

10. Would you be able to offer publications/reports/periodicals for other users on the network or on an exchange basis for IRIN's internal use?

11. If you do not receive IRIN directly (by e-mail or fax), do you pick up IRIN materials from another source?

12. What other geographical areas which you would like to see reports on?

13. Would you be interested in searching and retrieving items in the archives by e-mail?

14. Any other comments?


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