LESOTHO: Concern for journalist 1998.12.7

LESOTHO: Concern for journalist 1998.12.7

LESOTHO: Concern for journalist

JOHANNESBURG, 7 December 1998 (IRIN) - The international press freedom watchdog, Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF), said on Monday it was concerned for the plight of a journalist in Lesotho who had criticised the South African-led military intervention in the mountain kingdom.

In a letter to the South African defence ministry, a copy of which was sent to IRIN, RSF said the journalist, Naleli Ntlama had been in hiding since 26 November after South African soldiers had visited his house and left a message saying they would "be back". They had earlier ransacked the house breaking the door and windows, and stealing valuables, in an incident after he had published an article calling the intervention an "invasion" and an "occupation". RSF called on the South African authorities to stop the harassment and to identify and punish the soldiers responsible.

Under the auspices of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), South Africa's National Defence Force led a military incursion into Lesotho three months ago to prevent a coup.


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