ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Diplomatic Moves Continue [19990514]

ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Diplomatic Moves Continue [19990514]

ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Diplomatic moves continue

NAIROBI, 14 May (IRIN) - Eritrea has confirmed that a delegation from Uganda and Rwanda this week delivered a message from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to the Asmara leadership.

"The delegation shared with us alternative ideas which we could adopt to reach a solution especially in the implementation of the OAU Framework Agreement," Eritrean government spokesman Yemane Ghebre Meskel told IRIN on Thursday. He said the team encouraged bilateral talks between the warring parties at all levels, and also suggested direct talks. "We welcome any initiatives and we are open to try any method that would help us come up with a lasting peaceful solution," he said.

Ugandan Deputy Prime Minister Eriya Kategaya led the delegation, accompanied by Rwandan official Thomas Rudasingwa.

Eritrea on Wednesday called for "practical measures" to implement the deadlocked OAU Framework Agreement. After an envoy representing Burkina Faso President and OAU Chairman Blaise Compaore had delivered a message to Asmara, new proposals emerged from Asmara.

The three point document called for a "formal and binding" agreement to be signed between Asmara and Addis Ababa confirming acceptance of the OAU framework. The two sides would also have to sign formal agreements concerning the "mechanisms" and "technicalities" of implementation. Finally, a formal agreement on a ceasefire would be "signed and declared so as to create a conducive climate for the implementation".

A statement from the Eritrean foreign ministry added: "When these points are signed, Eritrea will exhibit, in the process of implementation of the Framework Agreement, necessary flexibility and cooperation without compromising its claims over its sovereign territory."


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