Canadian International Development Agency, South Africa Special Fund

Canadian International Development Agency, South Africa Special Fund

The following funding opportunity is open to Canadian institutions and South African collaborating organizations. LABOR-L would welcome suggestions for collaborative ventures involving electronic networking which involve South African labour organizations, NGO's dealing with worker/livelyhood issues, and academic or research institutions. This is a call for expressions of interest.

It is an excellent opportunity to extend the use of electronic networking in the dual causes of labor and access to the virtual workspace. Post ideas and suggestions either to LABOR-L, or directly to me .

Sam Lanfranco

                  South Africa Special Fund Consultation
                   Deadlines:  October 15 and January 15

OBJECTIVE: To contribute to the institutional strengthening of South African organizations who can in turn contribute strategically to the democratic and sustainable development of South Africa.

"The ultimate goal for the Fund is to support the democratic development of South Africa ... (The) focus will be the organizational development of key institutions and organizations of South African civil society, through programs of institutional strengthening aimed at increasing the capacity of these organizations to contribute to that development."

VALUE: CIDA will contribute up to 80% of program costs, and will share equally in administration costs (up to a maximum of 15% of program costs).

DURATION: One or two years.

DEADLINES: October 15 and January 15.

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