CIESIN Summer Fellowships

CIESIN Summer Fellowships

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Summer Fellowships (3)

The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) was founded in 1989 as a private, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the interdisciplinary study of global environmental change. It specializes in the access and integration of physical, natural and socioeconomic information across agency missions and scientific disciplines. CIESIN efforts are directed toward making the data collected by U.S. government agencies, the scientific community, non-governmental organizations, and international governmental organizations available for widespread use in scientific research, public policy making, and education. Consortium members include the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Michigan State University, Polytechnic University of New York, Saginaw Valley State University, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Michigan, and Utah State University.

CIESIN invites applications for three summer fellowship positions. These positions are intended for students currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral degree program in environmental science, natural resource management, or public policy. Each CIESIN summer fellow will be asked to research and write a publication quality "user profile" that identifies potential linkages between environmental change research and a community of end-users positioned to apply research results to specific analyses and decisions. The nominal duration for each fellowship is from June 1 through August 31, 1994. Fellows may choose to work in the CIESIN office most appropriate for their selected research topic (Ann Arbor, MI; New York, NY; Saginaw, MI; or Washington, DC).

CIESIN is interested in three end user communities: congressional support agencies and staff; the public and private property insurance industry; and Great Lakes region surface fresh water resource managers. CIESIN will ask fellows to conduct research related to one of these end- user communities. CIESIN will also consider proposals for research related to end-user communities of a fellow's choosing (in lieu of one of the above).

User profiles assess the potential applicability of environmental change research to a target end-user community and contain the following elements:

o A demographic analysis of the target end-user community. Who are the users? How many of them exist? What are their institutional affiliations? What are their other salient characteristics?

o A historical analysis of how the target-end user community has made use of past environmental science results. What products were used? How were they used? For what purposes? For what economic value?

o A prospective analysis of how advances in earth system science resulting from current research efforts could be used by the target end-user community? Which current or planned research products will be of value? What are the applications? What are the estimated economic values of each application?

o An analysis of how to establish formal or informal linkages between the appropriate elements of the environmental change research and end-user communities. Do recognized forums already exist? Should they be strengthened? Should new ones be created?


1. Currently enrolled in a master or doctoral degree program in environmental science, natural resource management, or public policy.

2. Demonstrated experience or interest in environmental change research and the end-user community to be researched.

3. Demonstrated ability to interact and work well with other professionals.

4. Excellent oral and written communications skills.

5. Excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.

Application Process

Please send a current curriculum vitae, official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate), three professional and/or academic references, a brief writing sample (not to exceed 10 pages), and a proposed research plan to:

Summer Fellowships CIESIN Human Resources Department 2250 Pierce Road University Center, MI 48710

Applications are due by April 22, 1994.

Questions about these fellowships should be directed to:

Mr. Thomas Parris Senior Analyst CIESIN c/o Center for Science and International Affairs 79 John F. Kennedy Street Cambridge, MA 02138 telephone: (617) 495-1469 facsimile: (617) 495-8963 email:

CIESIN is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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