ANC Explains Why You Should Vote NO on S.C.Afrikaans!

ANC Explains Why You Should Vote NO on S.C.Afrikaans!

Interview with Mr Wilmore Fortuin from the ANC, Durbanville.*

After exchanging greetings, I showed Mr Fortuin hardcopies of the CFV for soc.culture.afrikaans, Oguocha's recent article and my reply to it. He started by saying, "One cannot blame De Klerk or Afrikaans for segregation ["apartheid"]. However, one could blame the National Party's policy, especially _after_ President Verwoerd."

"Every South African has the right to his mother language (whatever that might be), this includes Afrikaans. The majority of the coloureds [name given to the mixed race of people by past South African government] of the Western Cape is Afrikaans and their home langauge is Afrikaans. The ANC says, give each citizen the chance to practise his own language and culture like the way the Constitution dictates."

Mr Fortuin is of the opinion that Oguocha's article is negative. It directly disadvantage coloureds. Coloureds are supporters of Afrikaans. He believes that coloureds would give their vote for Afrikaans.

He goes on to say that it's a hideous lie that the ANC means for people to vote NO for soc.culture.afrikaans. He sees the writer of _this_ article as a traitor, because the birth of his people consists also of decentdants from the Netherlands which later became Afrikaans.

In general, one of the ANC's most important businesses of the day is the education of South Africans and Mr Fortuin is of the opinion that Computer Studies must be a compulsiry subject at schools.

"Every South-African must use his own language for reconciliation [building one nation]. Afrikaans wil always be in the history books of South Africa."

As a final note he makes mention of the many speeches where President Mandela (eg. inauguration) used Afrikaans as a symbol for his respect for his fellow South Africans, including vise-President de Klerk.

*Here's the translation of my interview with the ANC. My comments are between square brackets.

Johan Ferreira (Johan Ferreira)
Subject: Re: ANC Explains Why You Should Vote NO on S.C.Afrikaans!
Date: 23 Oct 1994 09:34:39 GMT
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