ANC Response to De Klerk's Attack on the ANC

ANC Response to De Klerk's Attack on the ANC

The African National Congress has no 'strategy of blaming the National Party for everything that goes wrong in this country'. The history of mismanagement and misgovernment of South Africa by the apartheid National Party government over four decades is public knowledge.

Mr F.W. De Klerk and his National Party should cease trying to paper the deficiencies that have been the trade mark of their governing years by demonising the ANC. It is precisely the ANC that brought apartheid rule and the National Party's discriminatory policies to a halt. It is the organisation that embarked on a relenting struggle to establish democracy in this country, a struggle that culminated in ANC-initiated negotiations which ushered the long yearned for democratic changes in this country.

Mr De Klerk's unfounded belief that the NP ended apartheid in this country is tantamount to saying that a leopard can change its spots. It is clear from all and sundry that Mr De Klerk is a victim of his own propaganda.

Whilst the majority of blacks in this country have taken it in their stride to forgive what Mr De Klerk and his party have done to them over the years, despite their state of neglect in terms of education, houses, jobs and human dignity, they have embraced the path of nation-building, reconciliation, reconstruction and development. Mr De Klerk's utterances proves him to be insensitive to the hardships that blacks in this country have had to endure as a result of his party's policies.

The ANC, and indeed the entire democratic movement, is proud of the struggle that has been waged in all fronts to bring this country to where it is today.

The ANC calls upon Mr De Klerk, as the second executive deputy president of a democratic South Africa, to start reconstructing and developing the country in the interest of all its citizens instead of dreaming and demonising the ANC on public and private platforms.

Issued by: African National Congress
Department of Information and Publicity
P O Box 61884
Marshalltown 2107
Date: 14 October 1994

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Subject: ANC Response to De Klerk's Attack o
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Subject: ANC Response to De Klerk's Attack on the ANC
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