About Global_Net

About Global_Net

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GNET: an Archive and Electronic Journal

Toward a Truly Global Network

Computer-mediated communication networks are proliferating and growing rapidly, yet they are not truly global -- they are concentrated in affluent parts of North America, Western Europe, and parts of Asia.

GNET is an archive/journal for documents pertaining to the effort to bring the net to lesser-developed nations and the poorer parts of developed nations. (Net access is better in many "third world" schools than in South-Central Los Angeles). GNET consists of two parts, this archive directory and a moderated discussion.

This archive contains the following:

readme.txt: this file

index.txt: a list of the available files

annc.txt: a description of GNET

.abs: titles and abstracts of available files

.txt: full documents

ftpmail.txt: instructions for retreiving files via mail for those without ftp access

In addition to the archive, there is a moderated GNET discussion list. The list is limited to discussion of the documents in the archive. It is hoped that document authors will follow this discussion, and update their documents accordingly. If this happens, the archive will become a dynamic journal. Monthly mailings will list new papers added to the archive.

We wish broad participation, with papers from nuts-and-bolts to visionary. Suitable topics include, but are not restricted to:

low-cost, appropriate-technology networks satellite and terrestrial packet radio communication protocols connection options host and user software the current state of global networking current applications proposed applications education in a networked world education for a networked world social implications of a global network economic implications of a global network politics and funding for a global network political implications of a global network free speech on the global network environmental implications of a global network directories and lists of people and resources

To submit a document to the archive or subscribe to the moderated discussion list, send a message to

Larry Press

ps -- see the subdirectory "vita" for papers on other aspects of technology in developing nations.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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