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There is now available a sizable collection of GIF image files of Ethiopian ceremonies and scenery available for personal downloading. These files are excellent for workstation backgrounds and certain to make you homesick for places you might not have seen. Comments are appreciated, please contact me if you have downloading questions.

connect with: ftp, (possibly gopher) location : ftp.rpi.edu user name: anonymous password : (your email address, e.g. yacob@apollo.aoe.vt.edu) file directory: pub/languages/ethiopia/gif

The mainenance personal has not gotten around to updating a few things at the site. When he or she does, you will find this README file that describes the gifs:


Ethiopian File Archive

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact person for these files : demekt@rpi.edu For specific questions on files : yacob@apollo.aoe.vt.edu : fisseha@egr.msu.edu Mailing list of interest : ethiopians@cleo.eng.sun.com

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INDEX: (P Postcard, F Foto, C Card)

File Name SIZE Type Description

=========== ======== ===== ====================================== 2_afar.gif 381714 P Afar Men of Danakil 3_gods.gif 418609 P The Three Faces of God Fasil.gif 189790 F Fasil's Castle (side view) Gabriel.gif 257638 C Card from July Kulbie Gabriel Gondar_1.gif 239238 F View of Fasil's Compond From Castle Gondar_2.gif 357629 F Fasil's Library Gondar_3.gif 335587 P View of Fasil's Compond From Ground Gondar_4.gif 215349 F Fasil's Swimming Pool (Castle) HSelassieI.gif 96285 ? Head View of Selassie Saluting Lalib2.gif 239773 F Church in Cave Lalib3.gif 247329 F Priest, Lady, & Portrait Lalib4.gif 204946 F First of 13 Churches Lalib5.gif 325069 P Priest at Sunrise Lalibela.gif 382128 P Beta Georgis (Cross Church) afar.gif 83887 P An Afar male Ethiopian anbasa.gif 236201 F Stone Carving Near Axum axum.gif 296464 P 21 Metre Steele and Park blue_nile.gif 218945 F Low Water View Early Hamle blue_nile2.gif 300162 P The Classic Picture With Rainbow deacon.gif 391881 P Young Deacon of Eth. Orth. Church dual_steele.gif 222675 F June '93 Unearthed Joined Steeles eal.gif 86469 P Ethiopian Airlines & Lion fallen_steele.gif 226720 F View of the Largest of The Steele gondar.gif 84776 P Historical Castle of Gondar (Ethiopia) kids.gif 194864 F Highland Children Near Yemreha Church kulubie.gif 199434 F Biannual Ceremony on Hamle 19th sanbate_girl.gif 363870 P Young Girl at Sanbate Market singers.gif 344270 P Traditional Singers at Damera Feast tafari.gif 7604 P Haile Selassie's Picture During WW-II tana.gif 161868 P Church Art Work of Zegay, Lake Tana tana_big.gif 675086 P Larger Version of the Above timkat.gif 338747 P Timkat at St. Mary of Zion, Axum

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