UseNet News- IP Access Sites

UseNet News- IP Access Sites


IP ACCESS SITES ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Read and write access to Usenet News is available at many sites.

I would suggest accessing the CLEVELAND FREENET ( and typing "go usenet" at the "Your choice" prompt. You must be a registered Freenet user to access this service.

You may also read and write Usenet News on:

--Halcyon BBS --NYX Bulletin Board --BBS at UNC --Youngstown Free-Net

HALCYON BBS (26/26) login: bbs

This system offers you a link to International electronic mail (e-mail), as well as access to megabytes of forums, called newsgroups. You will be able to read and post messages to many of over 600,000 computers (and some 3 million users) around the globe. Thousands of messages arrive each day (some 22 megabytes of text, equivalent to about 10,000 type- written pages). We also offer a modest file download section.

Halcyon users may use an integrated bbs package called WAFFLE (Thomas Dell, author).

This system is fee-supported. We offer mail-only, mail and news, and a UNIX shell account as options. Contact for more information.

NYX, THE SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT telnet or login: new Welcome to Nyx -- The Spirit of the Night

Sponsored by the Faculty, Students, and Friends of the University of Denver Department of Math and Computer Science

Major features include: - 4+ Gb disk space, 16+ lines - An extensive file download section - The NetNews worldwide bulletin board - Access to the Unix system itself - "Internet FTP" access to 100s of Gb of downloads

Main menu

========= f Upload/Download file menu i Information... s Status/options/users menu u Unix file access menu c Communications menu -- bulletins, NetNews, mail, chat t TTCC Resources p Programming menu e Education menu w Word processing menu g Games menu gr Graphics menu faq Frequently Asked Questions o Organization menus in Introduce yourself to other Nyx users fund Info on the "fund drive" to speed up ol' Nyx hack Info on recent hacker problems; updated 2/12/92 fb Send feedback to sysop (comments, questions, etc.)

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA BBS (23/24) University of North Carolina BBS

telnet or Login in with bbs

********************************************************************** The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Office for Information Technology Bulletin Board System

************************************************************************ UNC-OIT Bulletin Board System

1. Message System 2. File Access 3. Network News Access 4. Simple WAIS Client 5. UNC Campus INFO System 6. User Options 7. Bulletins and Additional Information 8. Goodbye 9. On-line Information Systems (LIBTEL) ?. Help

YOUNGSTOWN FREE-NETTelnet or Login: visitor

Main Menu

1 Administration 2 Post Office 3 The Public Square 4 The Communications Center 5 Help Desk 6 The Animal Hospital 7 The Business & Industrial Park 8 The Computer Center 9 The Courthouse 10 The Government Center 11 The Hospital 12 The House of Worship 13 The Human Services Building 14 The Library 15 The Teleport 16 The USA/Today Headline News 17 Youngstown State University

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