The Radio NEWS

The Radio NEWS

From: (Manuel Rodriguez T. (Hosp. Militar) Subject: The Radio NEWS #2 Date: 30 Aug 93 15:36:38 GMT


----------------------- The Tropical Band's Bulletin Compiled by: Manuel Rodriguez Lanza e-mail: Address: P.O.Box 65657, Caracas 1066-A Venezuela

------------------------------------------------------- Date: August 29th, 1993 Number: 2

---------------------------------------------------------------- LOGGINGS

3222 R.Kara, Togo. 10/09/93 0608-0617 23332 OM talking in french like news. (MRL)

3320 SABC, Meyerton, South Africa 26/08/93 0205-0218 33333 Continuous pop & light music.(MRL)

4777 Rdiff. Gabonaise, Gabon. 2225-2251 02/09/93 33443 Pop mx in french also dancing afro mx. OM talking in french like news until 2250 when the music started again. (MRL)

4814 R.Bagdad, Iraq. 28/08/93 2353-0024 44444 YL and OM interviewing people via phone. Arabic sound guitar music. Continues with arabic talks. (MRL)

5020 La Voix du Sahel, Niger. 12/09/93 0523-0539 33333 Folk mx with guitar. Om talking in French. (MRL)

------------------- (MRL) Manuel Rodriguez Lanza. Equipment: Panasonic DR-31 and Sony ICF-2001 with 65 meters LW antenna oriented NE-SW. Located on the roof of 11 floors building in the Metro- politan Area of Caracas, Venezuela, South America.

Abbreviations: YL = Female announcer OM = Male announcer Advs = Commercial Advertisements Rlgs = Religious px = programm T/Check = Time Check // = parallel

Times & Days mentioned are in GMT/UTC.

All data may be copied and reproduced without permission by non-profit organizations and individuals on condition that credit is given to: The Radio News - "Electronic Issue" and original reporter.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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