Shortwave Radio in Somalia

Shortwave Radio in Somalia

From: (Albrecht Hofheinz) Subject: Somalia on SW Date: 8 Jan 94 16:23:10 GMT Followup-To: Organization: Ctr. for Middle East Studies, U. of Bergen


(SNU, Uppsala, January 7) - According to a list compiled by a Dutch radio amateur, Jan Nieuwenhuis, the following radio stations operate inside Somalia:

RADIO HARGEISA, The voice of the Republic of Somaliland. Hargeisa; this station, which is believed to operate from a 1-kW mobile transmitter, is scheduled at 1000-1230 and 1500-1700 on 7120v kHz.

RADIO MANTA, Mogadishu; this station, which was originally run by the US military under the name Radio Rajo (Radio Hope) - the voice of the Unified Task Force, is now called Radio Manta (Somali for Radio Today) with the handover of command from the US-led Operation Restore Hope to UNOSOM-2 (UN Operation in Somalia Phase 2) on 4th May 1993. The station is transmitting in Somali only and has two shortwave transmitters which operate in USB mode plus carrier with a power of 600 Watts. Their schedule is as follows: 0415-0500, 1000-1045, 1100-1145 and 1300-1345 on 9540 kHz, 1600-1645, 1700-1745 and 1900-1945 on 6170 kHz.

RADIO MOGADISHU, The voice of the Somali Republic. Mogadishu; this pro-Ali Mahdi Mohammed station is transmitting on a highly variable frequency somewhere between 6720-6890 kHz in upper sideband plus carrier mode at 0400- 0500, 0500-0600 (Fri), 1000-1130 and 1600-1800.

VOICE OF FREE SOMALIA .Somali: Idaacada Madaxa Banaan ee Soomaaliya, Gaalka'ayo; can be heard with transmissions in English at 0500-0515 on 7460 kHz and at 1800-1815 on 7499 kHz. The station began broadcasting on 18 August 1993 and appears to be controlled by the Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF). It was set up with assistance from the Australian-based International Amateur Radio Network.

SNU has been informed that the group of SDM (Somali Democratic Movement) that was formed during the Boonka-meeting in March last year, has recently set up their own radio which transmits daily broadcasts in the Af Maay dialect. SNU would like to call on its readers to supply further details of Somali short-wave transmissions.

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