Shortwave Radio in Eritrea

Shortwave Radio in Eritrea

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From: (Jorma M{ntyl{) Subject: Eritrea Date: 10 Nov 93 08:22:12 GMT Organization: University of Tampere, Finland

Yesterday I received a QSL from Eritrean radio, after 4 months of waiting. Nice printed card with verification text in English.

According to the card the official name of the station is:

Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea Address: Department of Information, P.O. Box 872, Asmara, Eritrea.

Unfortunately no schedule was sent to me but VOBME has been recently heard in Scandinavia on 5000, 7020 and 7380 kHz the best frequency being the last mentioned. Heard usually during sign off 1700 UTC but I think VOBME could be audible at sign on time around 0300 UTC which could make it possible to hear the stn in North America, too.

Jorma Mantyla U of Tampere Finland

From: (Jorma Mantyla) SUBJECT: ERITREA Message-ID: Date: 7 Jul 93 13:39:41 GMT References: <> Organization: University of Tampere, Finland Xref: NNTP-Posting-Host:

Here is a logging which might be of interest to several dx'ers. The official radio station of the newly independent state Eritrea "Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea" can be heard here in Scandinavia on 7380 kHz. I logged them on July 3 at 1630-1700 UTC. The station played regional music sounding like mixed Arabic and African music and started news at 1655 UTC in a language like Arabic. Abrupt close-down immediately after the news at 1700 UTC without any national anthem. The station should broadcast on 7020 and 5000 kHz, too, but those frequencies have not been audible at my QTH in Southern Finland. On 7020 there is only some anti-Iran clandestine station with a jammer.

Jorma Mantyla U of Tampere Finland

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