Radio South Africa/Channel Africa to North America

Radio South Africa/Channel Africa to North America

There have been some name changes to some of the South African services. First, there is no more Radio RSA; it changed its name to Channel Africa in 1992. Also, they gave up their European and American services some years ago; this was due to the cost, at a time when the South African economy was affected by trade sanctions during the days of apartheid. However, some of their stronger transmissions make it here. They're due to change frequencies toward the end of September. I don't have my sked with me, but I believe that MT should list 9695 in English around 0400 or 0500 UTC, and that has been quite strong lately.

You may also be able to pick up some of the domestic services. Radio Orion, which went off shortwave last year, has been reactivated; try them in the North American evenings on 3230 if the utility QRM's not too loud. They broadcast in English. Also audible in the U.S. evening is Radio 2000, which has an easy-listening format in English and Afrikaans on 4810. At 0300, they switch over to Afrikaans Stereo, which is entirely in Afrikaans and has news, music and talk.

One of our regular net members, Al Quaglieri, writes the African Destinations column for the NASWA Journal. Al usually posts frequencies for Channel AFrica and the SABC domestic services when he gets the info. Keep an eye open for such postings so you'll get the latest information when the seasonal changes come.

Marie Lamb
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J. Borninski ( wrote: : Does anyone know if RSA transmits to North America? I have checked the MT : SW schedule, and they are shown transmitting ti ho Africa only (unless I missed : something). As I recall, they used to transmit to NA quite a bit. : Since their longitude is about the same as Europe's, I would expect the : transmissions to occur some time in the evening, US time.

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Subject: Re: Radio South Africa/Channel Africa to NA.
Date: 1 Sep 1994 19:29:41 GMT
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