Radio Nigeria

Radio Nigeria

SUBJECT: RADIO NIGERIA From: (Clarence Dold) Newsgroups: Date: 4 Sep 93 04:53:47 GMT Organization: Unisys Corporation SLC

Crawford, Brian ( wrote: 1. A Radio Nigeria internal and/or external shortwave service schedule, 2. Address and fax number from the WRTH for the broadcasters there. From Passport to World Band Radio.

No FAX listed.

RADIO NIGERIA $1 requested. P.M.B 1051, Enugu (Anambra), Nigeria. Contact: L. Nnamuchi.

P.O.Box 250, Kaduna (Kaduna), Nigeria. Contact: Yusaf Garba.

P.M.B 12504, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: Babatunde Olalekan Raji.

VOICE OF NIGERIA P.M.B 40003 Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: Alhaji Lawal Y. Saulawa.

No English broadcasts listed. No native language broadcasts listed.

4770, 6089, 9570, Kaduna 50KW, 0430-2300. 7255, Ikorodu 50KW/500KW, 0500-2300, English, French, Arabic, Other I have logged this one, west coast USA, ~0500. 5965, Jos 10KW, 0430-2300 7285, Lagos 50KW, 1000-1700

I stopped looking at 10000KHz.

-- Clarence A Dold - ...pyramid!ctnews!tsmiti!dold

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