Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin

SUBJECT: OHIO/PENN DX BULLETIN The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster DX Bulletin August 23, 1993 Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW aq474@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tedd Mirgliotta) Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, DF4RD, PS7KM, SV2WT, AD1C, NT2X, WB3LHD, AC4NJ, K4CEF & Southeastern Cluster Group, N4VZ, KC6CEX and WG9B for the following DX information.


3V8W, TUNISIA. This is a classic case of "Work First Worry Later (WFWL)". Various DX bulletins, including the OPDXB, published the rumor that Karl, DK2WV, (who is the QSL Manager for 3V8W) did not know anything about this operation. This is NOT TRUE! Information obtained direct from Karl indicates that he and his XYL have just returned about two weeks ago from a seven week stay in Morocco. Karl states he is the sponsor of 3V8W and is handling the QSL cards. Also, all equipment is still in the country of Tunisia. All of the operation's arrangements were done on a very high diplomatic manner. Plans are in the works for another bigger operation with several other people, but details will not be released until the group gets the "Green Light". Nothing is concrete at the moment. Karl stated that QSL cards for 3V8W will be in the mail November.

3V8W, TUNISIA. Tim, KU4J, received a phone call September 23rd from Karl, DF2WV, and Karl has supplied the following information. Karl states he "WAS" the operator at 3V8W and he operated from July 23rd until August 15th. He made about 6500 QSOs in which only two were SSB QSOs to a couple of friends in Germany. Karl works for the Deutsche Aerospace, and they were installing some equipment in Tunisia. The operation took place from a military base and they would not allow SSB operations. Karl's license is good for a year and he and Baldur (and possibly others) are planning to return in November. He states that he has three pieces of documentation and has to resolve a few issues when he returns in November, so he has "NOT" submitted his documentation package as of yet to the League. Karl also mentions he was not in Morocco as reported in last week's bulletin and has not been there since 1970 as CN8/DK2WV. (ed. ?????)

TY, BENIN. Ken, WA4OBO, was active from here as TY8OBO and will be returning to North Carolina on Tuesday, September 21st. QSL to WA4OBO.

ST, SUDAN. A station signing ST2/G4OJW was reported on 14062 kHz at 1951z, on September 24th. Not much is known about this station other than the station stated to QSL via Box 4016, Khartoum, Sudan.

3V, TUNISIA. According to LX2KQ, German amateurs are saying that 3V8W is definitely a slim. They have contacted DK2WV, the individual who 3V8W says is his QSL manager, and he states he has absolutely no knowledge of this operation.

5A0RR AND ROMEO (Excerpts from Romeo New Release, received by ed, NT2X). Romeo states, "Originally, plans called for the use of six amateur radio operators for 5A, but due to the lack of funding we had to limit ourselves to three operators: Said (Libyan), who currently holds the call sign 5A0RR, Danny, LZ2UU and myself. During the operation, which lasted five days, we worked over 11,000 stations.

This DXpedition coincided with the International Arab Summit being held in Cairo, so National security throughout the region was at a fever pitch. The Dxpedition was terminated when Danny and I were accused by Libyan counter-intelligence and Egyptian police of planning to assassinate both President Mubarek and Libyan Leader Quaddafy. To make matters worse and even more bizarre, they said we were using ham radio as a cover for illegal drug trafficking by communicating with Turkish ships in the ports of Benghazi and Alexendria. We were both arrested and placed in the Libyan prison and held incommunicado. This unpleasant experience, the details of which I will not go into at this time, has caused my health to deteriorate greatly and I am currently under doctor's care and receiving medical treatment.

Said, 5A0RR, will continue to operate from Libya under this call sign which is in effect for two years. We left him an FT-990, a FL-7000 amp and a Mosley antenna. He is an outstanding CW operator but might be limited in his SSB operating since we didn't have the opportunity to train him in this mode.

TY, BENIN. Ken, WA4OBO (the earlier op at TT8OBO), will be returing to the states on August 26th, but he will travel to Benin and be active Septmeber 12-21. His call sign will be TY8OBO.

ZS9, WALVIS BAY (Maybe headed for DELETION?). From The New York Times (Aug. 17) - "In the first decision by the multiparty forum that will substantially alter the shape of South Africa, negotiators agreed today to hand over its enclave at Walvis Bay to neighboring Namibia as soon as possible.

A South African Government delegation, led by Foreign Minister Roel of F. Botha, agreed under pressure from the African National Congress and other opposition groups to transfer the enclave, 800 miles north of Cape Town on the Atlantic Ocean, and several islands to Namibia." (ed. Does this mean maybe the Penguin Islands too?)


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Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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