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News Networks

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- AFRICA NEWS. NewsNet: For the Business Information Edge. Clipping service of African news services and European/American news services about Africa news. IT15 Africa News IT56 Political Risks: Mid-East and North Africa IT59 Political Risks: Sub-Saharan Africa Price: $120/yr. $ 75/6 months $ 15/1 month Pay for on-line time $60/hr after access. (One free hour on NewsNet available tel. 800-345-1301 for ID and password). Contact: Marilyn Hughes, Customer Service or Dick (215) 527-8030 NewsNet 945 Haverford Rd. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

- AFRICA NEWS NEWSPAPER. Africa News celebrates its 20th anniversary in 1993. Subscibers receive 24 biweekly issues. Contact: Africa News Suscription Services P.O. Box 6884 Syracuse, NY 13217-9950.

- AFRICA NEWS NETWORK. A news service which makes current local news from African countries available in the United States. The news is not edited or re-read. It is offered in the same format as it is broadcast to the "home" audience. Currently, the service is available from three countries: Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Other countries will be added to the list in the near future. Each day's news lasts approximately 15 minutes but the customers can hang up before the time period is over. This service is available by dialing: 1-900-680-2327; For more information or comments, Contact: (602) 327-3844.

- AFRICAN INFORMATION SERVICE. Ken Onwere (714) 796-4118.

- AFRIQUE FAX. Subscriptions: 6 months - 2 years EFAX, Inc., 221 East 71st. Street, Room 560, New York, NY 10021. Info (800) FON-EFAX

- AFRIQUNEWS@ATHENA.MIT.EDU An internet conference board.

- CSU EMPLOYMENT BULLETIN BOARD. The California State University has announced an electronic bulletin board on which full-time vacancies will be posted, listed by both discipline and campus. The CSU Employment Bulletin Board can be accessed through Internet. For more information, Contact: (310) 985-2500.

- SCITECH NEWS. Linkages International BBS (510-547-2162) has updated news about developments in science and technology in the "News and Events" area of the bbs. You can ether subscribe to SciTech News at $12/yr or become a Constituent for Science and Technology Awareness at $35/yr as part of the African Scientific Institute's Science and Technology Awareness Program (P.O. Box 12161, Oakland, CA 94604, 510-653-7027). As a Constituent, you will receive SciTech News Free. Also, you will be allowed free access to Linkages International BBS (normally $50/yr.). Just mail us your request and ASI will send you a package of information. Date: 25-Jun-93 11:26.

- UNC'S INTERNET EXTENDED BULLETIN BOARD- UseNet News Groups. UNC has extended their BBS to include: access to all the Usenet News Groups via nn or rn; access to WAIS databases (about 70 at present) via SWAIS; access to documents about the InterNet; access to about 200 libraries and other BBS's via libtel; access to UNC's Campus-Wide Information System (INFO). Contact: (via Telnet) or (IP).

- WRLDNEWS SERVICE. WRLDNEWS is a non-profit news distribution service covering the world's underreported regions, available via electronic mail to those with a valid Internet address. E-mail your subscription request indicating the desired region(s) to COCHRANE@IGC.ORG. Please list country, sub- region, or region names you wish to receive (e.g., Kenya, South Asia, North Atlantic); or special titles (e.g., development, environment, health). E-Mail for complete listings.

The follwing (sub)regions are available for Africa: SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA West Africa East Africa Central Africa Southern Africa

MEDITERRANEAN West-Central Asia Northern Africa Middle East Southern Europe

Subscribers may receive news from Inter Press Service and/or World Perspectives. IPS is a non-profit European news organization specializing in feature articles and news stories from correspondents and "stringers" in the underreported regions of the world. IPS also provides stories of related interest from better-covered regions. IPS provides between 20-40 stories from around the world on an average news day. World Perspectives is a shortwave news transcription service. World Perspectives provides between 5-10 stories from BBC, Radio Havana, Radio Australia, Radio France and other sources on an average news day.

WRLDNEWS subscription fees cover copyright payments to various news organizations, formatting, and other expenses incurred in preparing news for transmission. The actual transmission is over public networks for which there is no charge.

Contact: c/o Jeffrey A. Cochrane 1322 Spaight Street Madison, WI 53706 USA Tel. (608) 263-7468/251-4067; E-Mail Cochrane@IGC.ORG

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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