Channel Africa and Other SABC Frequencies Channel Africa and Other SABC Frequencies/h1> Earlier today, someone asked about frequencies for South Africa. Although Channel Africa, the former Radio RSA, no longer has broadcasts directed to the Americas, some of their transmissions do reach us. 9695 from 0500-0600 in English is the best bet for folks in Eastern North America. I am now reposting a schedule that Al Quaglieri of the NASWA Journal (his Internet address is posted some months back. It is good until the 24th of September. Al got this information directly from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Hope it helps! CHANNEL AFRICA
0300-0400 French +5965 Indian Ocean Islands
0300-0500 English *5955 E & C Africa
" " 3220 S Africa
0300-0600 French 7185 C & W Africa
0400-0500 Portuguese +3310 S Mozambique
" " 5965 N Mozambique
0500-0600 English *9695 Nigeria & Ghana
" Portuguese 7270 Angola & Cape Verde
" French 9520 W Africa
0500-0700 English +5955 S Africa
0600-0700 " *15220 Nigeria & Ghana
" French 15130 W Africa
0900-1000 Tsonga +7225 S Mozambique (Sat/Sun only)
1000-1100 English *17810 E Africa
1100-1130 Portuguese +5965 N Mozambique (Mo-Fr only)
" " 15150 S Mozambique (Mo-Fr only)
1100-1200 English *9730 S Africa
1130-1200 Portuguese 15150 Angola (Mo-Fr only)
1400-1700 Swahili 11900 E & C Africa
1500-1800 Chi-Chewa 6120 Malawi/Zambia/Mozambique
1500-1800 English 4945 S Africa
" " *11770 E, W & C Africa
" Lozi +5955 Caprivi and Zambia/Zimbabwe
1800-2000 French 7225, 9550 C, W & N Africa
1900-2000 Portuguese +3310 Mozambique
2000-2100 " 7225 Angola & Cape Verde
(*=500 kW; +=100 kW into log-periodic antenna. All others are 250 kW.) DOMESTIC SERVICES (Note--Radio 2000 and Radio Oranje have announcements in both Afrikaans and English. Afrikaans Stereo is in Afrikaans only. Newcomers to shortwave should know that this service is not heard in stereo on shortwave; it is a relay of a domestic FM service. Afrikaans Stereo has news, talk and also some popular music. Radio 2000 mostly features easy-listening music, although I have heard sports on it on rare occasions. Radio Oranje has popular music, and is also a commercial station. Radio Orion, which was off shortwave for a year until recently, has announcements in English, and features pop and rock music. Some domestic SW transmissions from South Africa can be heard on other continents.--M.L.)
0300-0555 Radio Oranje 3230 NW Cape
0300-0600 Afrikaans Stereo 4810 NW Cape/Namibia
0530-0800 " 6045 "
0600-0750 Radio Oranje 5965 NW Cape
0745-1430 Afrikaans Stereo 7285 NW Cape/Namibia
0755-1425 Radio Oranje 7270 NW Cape
1430-2200 " 3230 "
1435-2300 Afrikaans Stereo 4810 NW Cape/Namibia
2300-0300 Radio 2000 4810 "
2300-0300 Radio Orion 3230 NW Cape (presumed)
(Please note--Orion was not yet reactivated when this schedule first came out. However, I have heard it recently on the East Coast of North America, and I estimate the time of 2300-0300 because that is the time spot they had before leaving SW in 1993.) (All SABC domestic SW services are 100 kW) Enjoy, even if only for a couple of weeks! --
Marie Lamb
From: (Marie A. Lamb)
Subject: Channel Africa and other SABC frequencies
Date: 2 Sep 1994 02:36:57 GMT
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