Channel Africa

Channel Africa

The new Channel Africa schedule, effective September 25, arrived in the mail the other day. Assuming co-channel interference is a minimum, for us in North America it looks like 05-06 on 11900 and 16-17 on 15240 are the most likely releases that we might be able to hear. For the UK and Europe, it looks like 10-11 on 17810.

Don't bother looking in Passport to World Band Radio '95. Every "opined" entry on page 255 is wrong. For our subscribers, we'll have the full schedule for all SW services - not just Channel Africa - and languages posted for download on Pics OnLine and GEnie by Thursday evening, September 22.

You can download our catalog from Pics OnLine BBS by typing SWL at a main menu prompt, then following on-screen instructions. Or you can send an SASE (2 IRCs) for a catalog by postal mail.

* 1st 2.00b #556 * Winter SWL Fest Mar 16-18: SASE to POB 591, Colmar, PA 18915

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From: (Tom Sundstrom) 
Subject: Channel Africa
Message-ID: <>
Date: 18 Sep 94 08:15:00 GMT

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