BBC Schedule Address

BBC Schedule Address

SUBJECT: ADDRESS TO OBTAIN BBC SCHEDULES From: (Andreas Volk) Date: 27 Aug 93 16:04:54 GMT Organization: Home of BlackLabel

Last Tuesday I visited the BBC World Service in Bush House and had the opportunity to talk to some people in the public relations department. My question was if 'BBC Worldwide' - the monthly magazine of the World Service was the only way to get the frequencies used. The subscription of this magazine costs 24 pounds per year and is - in my eyes - too expensive for those people who only want to find out a useful frequency.

The answer was that there are leaflets available free of charge that are published twice a year (the next edition covers the period from October to March). There are approx. twelve different ones (each for a certain target area). These leaflets also include a weekly overview of the feature programmes and the frequencies of all foreign language broadcasts to that target aera.

I got the following address from where they can be obtained:

BBC World Service Rosemary Reid Publicity Bush House Strand London WC2B 4PH Fax: 071 - 240 8760

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