African Communications Satellite

African Communications Satellite

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AFRISAT Satellite Communications Systems 6534 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 309 Takoma Park, Maryland U.S.A. 20912 301/270-0090

For Immediate Release: Contact: Stafford L. Battle, Director of Communications 301/499-4268 (voice) Internet Address: ""

International Telecommunications Union Will Address AFRISAT Conference Delegates

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has designated Mr. S. Taylor to represent that organization at the upcoming "First African and Caribbean Satellite Communications World Conference" on August 29, 30, & 31, 1994, in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. Mr. S. Taylor will speak to the full body at the General Session. According to Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu, Director of ITU, Mr. Taylor will use that opportunity to inform the AFRISAT conference delegates about the efforts of the ITU's Telecommunications Development Bureau to sensitize developing countries on the vast potential of satellite communications technology.

The AFRISAT organization has made every effort to ensure that conference participants will see and learn about the maximum benefits of space and satellite technology for the present and the 21st Century. Workshops and speakers will present current information on state-of-the-art telecommunications applications and how individual states can benefit. AFRISAT as a private organization covering 64 member countries has announced that it is expecting full cooperation and sharing of ideas among the ITU, private corporations, African and American government officials, and concerned individuals.

Additional information on the upcoming conference can be obtained by writing to AFRISAT Satellite Communications Systems, 6534 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 309, Takoma Park, Maryland, U.S.A. 20912

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