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St. Catherine's Monastery; Bibilical Site in Egypt

This series of pictures was taken at the St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt.

The monastery is one of the oldest places of worship in Christian history, and actually harbors some of the oldest biblical codices and supporting documents in the world.

St. Catherine's was built at the foot of the Moses mountain on the Sinai peninsula, where Moses is believed to have received the Ten Commandments.

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sinai01.jpg The Burning Bush. This bush is a direct successor to the ancient bush which caught fire as a sign of God to Moses. It is said that nobody has ever managed to recultivate the plant at any other than the original spot...

sinai02.jpg Exterior walls of the monastery against Mount Moses. The walls are 10 metres thick on average and have protected the monastery and its treasures during many centuries of Bedouin wars and rioting. You will understand why I was sweating when I took this picture!

sinai03.jpg Rose garden in the monastery, photographed against the surrounding mountains

sinai04.jpg Nice green palm trees against blue sky.

sinai05.jpg (Will follow later this week) A complete view of the monastery complex with Mount Moses in the background, taken from a vantage point on the surrounding rock slopes. It's amazing how this little island of life survived in the barren environment!

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