TOOLNET is based on a network of cooperation. The participants share their information and experience on a voluntary basis.

The TOOLNET Access Points (TAP) in the countries mentioned in the previous message are all independent organisations which can run their part of TOOLNET in self supporting way. This way TOOL wants to set up a sustainable network for information exchange.

It is the policy of TOOL not to set up a TOOLNET Logistics system in a country when there is allready a well functioning public access network. In the countries mentioned this has not been the case.

In Zimbabwe TOOL has set up a TAP in close cooperation with the excisting MANGOnet. The supervisor of MANGOnet Rob Borland is supporting TOOLNET being a usefull addition to the excisting MANGOnet.

In Ghana TOOL has not encountered any other public access network. There are networks operational, but as far as TOOL knows these networks do not have the potential of becoming publicly accessable. In view of our policy TOOL would be interested to learn about these activities.

Marcel Kaljee,
TOOLNET Administrator

From: (Marcel Kaljee)
Date: 09 Aug 94 08:45:00 +0100
Subject: TOOLNET 
Message-ID: <>
Organization: TOOLnet/Logistics

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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