[Schoolza] Monthly Posting: Schools With E-Mail

[Schoolza] Monthly Posting: Schools With E-Mail

This is a monthly posting to the schoolza distribution list.

Although every attempt is made to keep the list of schools up to date, I rely on schools to let me know when they begin to use email on the internet. Please mail me if you know of any schools that are connected to the internet that are not yet on this list.

The list of schools is maintained by Tim Bouwer, Rhodes University Computing Services and changes or additions can be mailed to me at

Eastern Cape
Diocescan School for Girls      (Jo Mostert)
Kingswood College          (Keith James)
St Andrew's College        (Daroish Kraidy)
Victoria Girl's High School        (Howard Louw)

DSG and SAC have full Internet access (via PC Route). Kingswood have an experimental SNUUPM run by one of the members of staff. Victoria have temporary SNUUPM, but will have full Internet access soon.



Carmel College     (Peter Neilon)
Durban Girls College (Anne Vogt) 
Glenwood High     (Grant Robertson)
Kearsney College  (Owen Phipps)
Natal Education Department (Brian MC Arthur) 
Northwood College (Ishbel Cowan) 
Contact person: Lex Stewart, Computer Services, University of Natal


The Wykeham Collegiate (Judy Bartels)

Contact person: Peter McKenzie, Computer Science Department, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg:


Contact person: Hercules Dreyer (

The OFS Ed Dept are busy creating a WAN, called FRENET for obvious reasons, to connect as many schools as possible. Because most of our schools are "Model-C" and will have to pay for their own leased lines, we couldn't force them to take part. However, by having roadshows and selling all the advantages of being on a network, all the schools (except two small farm schools) have decided to take part. We hope to have about 177 schools on the network by the end of July. We have also obtained a B-lisence for Internet. The address of a teacher at these schools will be something like My own email address will change to

An update from Hercules - the first schools should be testing within a week of the end of August. We should hear from the OFS soon.


Azara Secondary School
Lenasia (Johannesburg)	   	 (Raj Naransamy) 
CAN (Church Aid in Need)
Mamelodi                      (Chris Marabe)
                               (Brendan van Loggenberg)
College of Education of SA  (Nicholet Ross)
Eersterust Secondary School    (Russel Williams)
Lyttleton Manor          (Andrew Turpin)
Hoerskool Menlo Park          (Hans Massyn)
SOS children's village
Mamelodi                 (Patrick Beddy)
St Albans                (Arnold Lamont)
Pretoria High School for Girls

(TVL) PretNET committee (contact people for further information)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -   Nicolet Ros (OKSA) - Dr Les van Zyl (PHSG) - Yorke Rodda - Arnold Lamont (St. Alban's) - Brendan van Loggerenberg (Carmel High) - Russell Williams (Eersterust High) - Chris Marabe (CAN, Mamelodi)

The Western Cape Schools' Network

Jocelyn Wrensch, Pinelands High School, tel. 531-7410, fax 531-7415
June Burgess, Westerford High School, tel. 689-9154, fax 685-5675
         email David Rogers,
Tableview High School, tel.  557-3463, fax 557-7779

Any questions regarding the WCSN can be directed to any of these people.


Blouberg Ridge Primary School (Denise Franklin & Suzanne Appleby)
Camps Bay High School (Michael Eidne)
Cape Education Department (Flip van Skalkwyk)
Cape Town Teachers' Centre (Geoff Beissner & Mark Heidemann)
Christian Brothers College (Keith Shackleton)
Diocesan College (Sinclair Tweedie)
Fish Hoek Middle School (Peter Davidson & Jenny Rault)
Gardens Commercial High School (Pippa Mole)
Herschel High School (Joan Houston)
Hottentots Holland High School (Jolanda Bekker)
Kalk Bay Primary School (Peter Shardlow)
Milnerton Primary School (Ed Upton)
Parow Teachers' Centre (Gerald Roos)
Pinehurst Primary School (Judy Peters)
Pinelands High School (Shannon Paul & Jocelyn Wrensch)
Simonstown High School (Adele Kudelasz)
Tableview High School (David Rogers)
Westerford High School (June Burgess)
Still to come:

The Grove Primary School (Alixe Lowenherz) (Should be connected by the start of the fourth term)


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From: (Tim Bouwer)
Subject: [schoolza] Monthly posting: Schools with e-mail
Date: 1 Oct 1994 10:25:52 +0200
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