[schoolza] Proposed FAQ

[schoolza] Proposed FAQ

On the Information Policy Group mailing list, we've been discussing in the past stretch networking in the field of education, and the experiences and possibilities for schools networking specifically have come up with great frequency.

Because we are receiving many questions from people in schools networking, concerning issues such as hardware, software, resources, what to do with them, and filtering of the vast amount of information, it would seem a useful initiative to draw this together.

To alleviate this problem somewhat, I would like to propose that everyone with the time who is concerned about these things mail us (me or the IPG list at: with questions that they have, as well as answers to them, where those have been found. We would then put these together into an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about South African Schools networking.

Fields of interest:

- What equipment do you use?
- How do you connect?
- Who do you connect to?
- Who helped/helps you?
- What are the resources out there that you know of?
- How do you filter them for your school's use?
- What are the application in your school for this?
- How do the students respond?
- What do you think could/would make things easier for you?
- Who would you like to be able to get in touch with?

I would very much appreciate it if everyone who gets this posting could get in touch with either myself or the IPG list, so that in the interest of productivity in schools networking, we can draw up an informative document to help you, as well as all new connected schools, along.

Best regards,


From: carsten@myrtle.Proxima.ALT.ZA (Carsten Knoch)
Subject: [schoolza] Proposed FAQ
Date: 8 Oct 1994 16:05:40 +0200

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