E-mail connections in Africa

E-mail connections in Africa

In the high school of Kempele we have an Africa year. In different subjects our students (age of 15 - 19) and teachers are trying to find out what the life is like in Africa today.

We will have a special Africa day in December and we would like to get a contact to as many African country as possible. If you are able to say hello to us during that day - or you know some persons who could possible discuss with us some minutes via Internet - please let us know.

So please tell us your E-mail address and we will call you.

By the way, does anyone know if there is some list of African E-mail connections?

And if you are interested to help us in our big How Is Africa Today -project by telling about your way of life, we would be very grateful.

From: (Kalevi Pirttikoski)
Subject: E-mail connections in Africa
Date: 11 Sep 1994 22:21:46 GMT
Message-ID: <34vvtr$>

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