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Hello Bob, In reply to your query for more information, I'm enclosing the text of an information pamphlet we have had printed. Feel free to contact me if you need more info.

Regards, Gwen Heathfield UNINET Office UNINET@FRD.AC.ZA



The mission of the UNINET project is the development, implementation and promotion of an academic and research network of computers in southern Africa, where it is required as an essential element of the region's research infrastructure.


The UNINET project started late in 1987 as a result of joint action by the Computer and Network Subcommittees of the Committee of University Principals and the Foundation for Research Development (FRD). The project staff at the FRD gets collaborative support, both academic and technical, from staff of the participating organizations.


Electronic Mail provides desk-to-desk communication between individual researchers or academics who have access to a node on the UNINET network.

Computer Conferencing is in effect the extension of electronic mail to communication within a larger group, which may be "open" or "closed."

File transfer is important in such matters as the acquisition of software and other information from overseas sources; it can also be used locally for the exchange of administrative records.

Newsfeeds on a vast number of subjects are being downloaded from overseas sources, providing researchers with up-to-date information in their research fields.

Remote logon is important for access to central facilities, such as the FRD's system for the administration of grants and for sharing of resources between participants. Remote logon facilities are in place between several sites.

Access to overseas networks is now implemented via a TCP/IP gateway established at Rhodes University and linked into UNINET.


The UNINET project provides a focal point for the many individual efforts that are being put into network development among the participating organizations, as well as for developing and managing a central information base for the operation of the network. It also operates an information and support service for organizations participating in UNINET, as well as for individual users of the network.


Participation in UNINET is on a voluntary basis and is open to research organizations, tertiary institutions and museums. Participation is formally effected by the organization entering into an agreement with the FRD, which covers matters such as costs and obligations of each party.

The project is financed partly by participating fees from participating organizations, partly from payment for the use of specific data communication channels and partly from FRD funds.


The first point of approach for information on UNINET should be the computing services section of the interested person's organization.

Contact with the UNINET Office is possible by electronic mail for persons on the network; the UNINET office may also be reached by post, telephone, telex or telefax.

The FRD contact persons and address are: Manager UNINET Project Mr. Vic Shaw FRD P.O. Box 2600 Technical Assistants PRETORIA Mrs Gwen Heathfield 0001 Miss Annemarie Marais

Addresses: Internet UNINET@FRD.AC.ZA Telephone (012) 841-3542 / 2597 Telefax (012) 804-2679 Telex 3-21312 SA

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