South African Listserv Facilities

South African Listserv Facilities

Newsgroups: Subject: New Listserv facilities in South Africa From: (Ian Gerada)

Hi there All ....

Are you looking for A bbs list of African BBS's ??? Are you looking for a weekly BBS magazine ... sent to your PC !! How about getting the newspaper delivered to your PC ???


Netline Flagship BBS in South Africa, has opened up a LISTSERV for South African BBS Listings, SOS - A weekly BBS magazine and StarTECH a South African newspaper.


The listserv is called ROBLIST and has both Files and messages.

Roblist is a unique BBS listing programe that is updated on a monthly basis. Roblist also has the ability to export the BBS listing to the following formats : Procomm Qmodem QmodemPRO Telix Telimate Microlink and Panther

Give it a bash ... subscribe today ... there is no cost for the subscription to the ROBLIST listserv.


Sos is a weekly magazine that gets published on a Sunday morning, artcles within the magazine include, movie reviews, Sysop of the week, and the famous dork awards ......

Startech !!

A new concept in backdated newspapers .... Get the Star Newspaper delivered to you one day late via the Startech news service !

to sign up for any of thesw listserv's do the following :

Address all messages to : Subject : ANYTHING

SUB Subscribes you to the mailing list

UNSUB SIGNOFF Unsubscribes you from the mailing list

CONFIRM Confirms the user with ... they are subscribed to that mailing list

GET Sends back an attached file

LIST Sends back a file listing from the conference

Where : is the name of the mailing list is the users Internet address is the PCB-UUCP name of the conference is the name of the file you wish to request is the directory number of that conference


TO get help -> send a message to with subject help and the body of the message as HELP

General info -> Send a message to with any subject and anything in the body of the message.

Other LISTSERV we are running currently :

SOS -> A weekly BBS publication *A MUST* (Mail list and files) ROBLIST -> BBS list of BBS in South Africa (Mail list and files) STARTECH -> The STAR newspaper can be delivered to your PC !!!

Kind Regards,

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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