Sample NetFind Search for Egypt

Sample NetFind Search for Egypt

SAMPLE NETFIND SEARCH FOR EGYPT ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

From: (Borre Ludvigsen) Subject: Re: Looking for E-mail address Date: 24 Jul 93 20:36:42 GMT

"Netfind" has helped me find people in Egypt:


login: netfind

Top level choices: 1. Help 2. Search 3. Seed database lookup 4. Options 5. Quit (exit server) --> 2 Enter person and keys (blank to exit) --> nosuchperson egypt

There are too many domains in the list. Please select at most 3 of the following:

0. (alexandria university, egypt) 1. (american university in cairo, egypt) 2. (cairo university, egypt) 3. (center for higher education research, egypt) 4. (developmental research and technological planning center, egypt) 5. (expert systems for improved crops, egypt) 6. (helwan university, egypt) 7. (mansoura university, egypt) 8. (menoufia university, egypt) 9. (suez-canal university, egypt) 10. (tanta university, egypt) 11. (world health organization, alexandria, egypt) 12. (zagzig university, alexandria, egypt) Enter selection (e.g., 3 1 2) -->

- Barre Ludvigsen

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