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For more information, telnet to SABINET's gopher site in South Africa. 7/29/93

1. South African Cooperative Library Database - Offers an overview of the availability of books, periodicals, audiovisual items and other information material in Southern African libraries. - Participating members contribute records online and through record transfer. - [1,6 Million records]

2. Library of Congress Database - Offers an overview of information material published in the USA. - [1,6 Million records]

3. British National Bibliography - Lists all books, periodicals and other information material published in the UK. - [270 000 records]

4. South African National Bibliography - Lists all books, periodicals and other information material published in South Africa. - [All records from 1989]

5. Index to South African Periodicals - An index to articles published in more than 375 South African periodicals from May 1987. - Articles are indexed by subject experts and contain abstracts. - [95 000 records]

6. Cooperative Indexing Database - Contains small specialised databases in a single cooperative database. - Indexing covers a variety of subject areas. - [New Project]

7. Catalogue of Thesis and Dissertations - Overview of completed research at master and doctorate level. - [48 000 records]

8. Whitakers Books in Print - Offers in overview of information material published in the UK. - [950 000 records] We offer:

=> Information searches from a variety of electronic databases. => Location of availability of books and periodicals in libraries. => Control of lending action between libraries. => We are supportive to acquisitions decisions with regard to library material. => Facilitating cataloguing activities. => Computer reports in a variety of formats and computerised records.

Due to the licensing agreements with the various Database vendors the SABINET System are restricted to subscribing members only. For more information on how to subscribe, contact [] or our marketing dept. at telephone no. +27 +12 663-4954.

The South African Bibliographic and Information Network

=> Offers access to electronic databases by means of an integrated computer system and datacommunication networks. => Is a leader in the electronic information industry, being ten years in operation. => Brings vast experience and dedicated support to its many users. => Services are enjoyed by libraries, resource centres, business concerns and individuals in Southern Africa. We endeavour to:

- make information resources available by electronic means to the benefit of the whole of Southern Africa. - promote resource sharing. - offer service of an excellent standard.

This is an experimental Gopher Server, and is still under construction. Please mail all bugs, suggestions and flames to:

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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