RsaNET, Netline Flagship BBS

RsaNET, Netline Flagship BBS

From: "Arthur R. McGee" ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Newsgroups: Subject: Netline Flagship BBS in South Africa and RsaNET From: (Ian Gerada) Date: Fri, 10 Jun 94 10:39:00 +0200 Organization: Netline Flagship BBS +27-11-789-6084/5/6/7/8/9

Hi there All sysops,

Netline Flagship BBS (Telnet / FTP is a PCBoard BBS here in South Africa. We have opened up our Telnet access and FTP service. Feel free to give us a try.

Any sysops wanting to download QWK mail packets from RsaNET (A South African based QWK/REP network) can do so via our FTP server. Simply write to me on and we can hook you up to this network at a fraction of the cost of having to dial up via the telephone.

The system works like this.

Telnet into our BBS .... Access the Qmail door and selectr the conferences you want. Once you have done this, drom me an email. I will then give you a user account on our FTP server. Once this has been done all you simply have to do is FTP into our server and get your QWK mail packets (They will be there waiting for you) Send us your REP packets to the same address and they will be inserted into our BBS.

Join in on RsaNET and have FUN

Regards, Ian * Netline Flagship ( A PCBoard BBS on the Internet - Telnet


----------------------------- Art McGee []


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