Statement of Cooperation between MANGO and TOOLNET Logistics

Statement of Cooperation between MANGO and TOOLNET Logistics

On behalf of MANGO and TOOLNET I like to present to you this statement to clarify the situation in Zimbabwe.

Marcel Kaljee

Statement on cooperation between MANGO and TOOLNET Logistics

MANGO is a non-profit co-operative network with over 250 users currently using equipment donated by the IDRC NGOnet project. It is operated entirely by voluntary staff and recovers operation costs through usage-based charges.

TOOLNET is a public access network initialized by TOOL Foundation in the Netherlands to facilitate the exchange of technological information between and to countries in the South. TOOLNET wants to expand to countries where it can fulfil an additional role to existing networks or to bring a public information exchange network as such. TOOLNET recovers its operation cost through an annual fee and usage-based charges.

When TOOLNET approached MANGO for co-operation MANGO had reached its maximum number of users for the system capacity it has. The mutual background of both networks being not-for-profit networks makes co-operation possible. TOOLNET could offer additional capacity in Zimbabwe without competing with MANGO. MANGO is an e-mail facilitating organisation and TOOLNET is set up for the exchange of technological information through additional services. The electronic Question and Answer Service, Selected Dissimination of technological Information (SDTI), Database Research on request and TOOLNET Moderated Conferences facilitate the information exchange the network has been established for. TOOLNET voluntarily collected international mail from its users on MANGO so that MANGO did not incur any additional costs transporting their mail.

In the contacts between TOOLNET and MANGO, the MANGO Sysop suggested local resource persons who may be prepared to assist in the operation of a proposed TOOLNET Access Point (TAP). The contacts suggested by MANGO resulted in the establishment of a independent TOOL TAP. The TOOLNET TAP has become operational in September this year thanks to the assistance of MANGO.

 Rob Borland                            Marcel Kaljee
 MANGO                                  TOOLNET Logistics

From: (Marcel Kaljee)
Date: 20 Sep 94 15:36:00 
Subject: Statement of cooperation between MANGO and TOOLNET Logistics
Organization: TOOLnet/Logistics

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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