International Connectivity

International Connectivity

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Please send corrections, information and/or comments to: Larry Landweber Computer Sciences Dept. University of Wisconsin - Madison 1210 W. Dayton St. Madison, WI 53706 FAX 1-608-265-2635

Include details, e.g., on connections, sites, contacts, protocols, etc.

Thanks to the many people from around the world who have provided information. This version (postscript, ditroff, text forms), maps in postscript, and earlier versions may also be obtained by anonymous ftp from in the connectivity_table directory.

In the following, "BITNET" is used generically to refer to BITNET plus similar networks around the world (e.g., EARN, NETNORTH, GULF-NET, etc.).



BITNET Col. 2 (Entities with international BITNET links.) b: minimal, one to five domestic BITNET sites, 18 entities B: widespread, more than five domestic BITNET sites, 33 entities

IP INTERNET Col. 3 (Entities with international IP Internet links.) I: = operational, accesible from entire IP Internet, 54 entities i: = operational, not accesible via the NSFNET backbone, 2 entities

UUCP Col. 4 (Entities with domestic UUCP sites which are connected to the Global Multiprotocol Open Internet.) u: minimal, one to five domestic UUCP sites, 43 entities U: widespread, more than five domestic UUCP sites, 64 entities

FIDONET Col. 5 (Entities with domestic FIDONET sites which are con- nected to the Global Multiprotocol Open Internet) f: minimal, one to five domestic FIDONET sites, 20 entities F: widespread, more than five domestic FIDONET sites, 59 entities

OSI Col. 6 (Entities with international X.400 links to domestic sites which are connected to the Global Multiprotocol Open Internet). o: minimal, one to five domestic X.400 sites, 8 entities O: widespread, more than five domestic X.400 sites, 23 entities

Email connections to Albania, Algeria, Angola, Gambia, Malawi, Mongolia, Morocco, Qatar, St. Lucia, and Vietnam have been reported but have not been verified or are not yet stable and hence are not included in the table or in the above totals.

----- AF Afghanistan (Democratic Republic of) ----- AL Albania (Republic of) ----- DZ Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of) ----- AS American Samoa ----- AD Andorra (Principality of) ----- AO Angola (People's Republic of) ----- AI Anguilla -I--- AQ Antarctica ----- AG Antigua and Barbuda BIUF- AR Argentina (Argentine Republic) --u-- AM Armenia ----- AW Aruba -IUFo AU Australia BIUFO AT Austria (Republic of) --U-- AZ Azerbaijan ----- BS Bahamas (Commonwealth of the) b---- BH Bahrain (State of) ----- BD Bangladesh (People's Republic of) ----- BB Barbados --UF- BY Belarus BIUFO BE Belgium (Kingdom of) ----- BZ Belize ----- BJ Benin (People's Republic of) --uf- BM Bermuda ----- BT Bhutan (Kingdom of) --U-- BO Bolivia (Republic of) ----- BA Bosnia-Hercegovina ---f- BW Botswana (Republic of) ----- BV Bouvet Island BIUFO BR Brazil (Federative Republic of) ----- IO British Indian Ocean Territory ----- BN Brunei Darussalam biUF- BG Bulgaria (Republic of) --u-- BF Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) ----- BI Burundi (Republic of) ----- KH Cambodia --u-- CM Cameroon (Republic of) BIUFO CA Canada ----- CV Cape Verde (Republic of) ----- KY Cayman Islands ----- CF Central African Republic ----- TD Chad (Republic of) BIUF- CL Chile (Republic of) --ufO CN China (People's Republic of) ----- CX Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) ----- CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands B-u-- CO Colombia (Republic of) ----- KM Comoros (Islamic Federal Republic of the) --u-- CG Congo (Republic of the) ----- CK Cook Islands bIu-- CR Costa Rica (Republic of) --u-- CI Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of) -Iufo HR Croatia --U-- CU Cuba (Republic of) bI--- CY Cyprus (Republic of) BIUF- CZ Czech Republic BIUFO DK Denmark (Kingdom of) ----- DJ Djibouti (Republic of) ----- DM Dominica (Commonwealth of) --Uf- DO Dominican Republic ----- TP East Timor bIu-- EC Ecuador (Republic of) b-U-- EG Egypt (Arab Republic of) ----- SV El Salvador (Republic of) ----- GQ Equatorial Guinea (Republic of) -IUF- EE Estonia (Republic of) ---F- ET Ethiopia (People's Democratic Republic of) ----- FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) ----- FO Faroe Islands --u-- FJ Fiji (Republic of) BIUFO FI Finland (Republic of) BIUFO FR France (French Republic) --u-- GF French Guiana --u-- PF French Polynesia ----- TF French Southern Territories ----- GA Gabon (Gabonese Republic) ----- GM Gambia (Republic of the) --UF- GE Georgia (Republic of) BIUFO DE Germany (Federal Republic of) ---F- GH Ghana (Republic of ) ----- GI Gibraltar BIUFO GR Greece (Hellenic Republic) -I-f- GL Greenland --u-- GD Grenada b-u-- GP Guadeloupe (French Department of) ---F- GU Guam --u-- GT Guatemala (Republic of) ----- GN Guinea (Republic of) ----- GW Guinea-Bissau (Republic of) ----- GY Guyana (Republic of) ----- HT Haiti (Republic of) ----- HM Heard and McDonald Islands ----- HN Honduras (Republic of) BI-F- HK Hong Kong (Hisiangkang, Xianggang) BIUFo HU Hungary (Republic of) -IUFo IS Iceland (Republic of) bIUfO IN India (Republic of) --u-- ID Indonesia (Republic of) b---- IR Iran (Islamic Republic of) ----- IQ Iraq (Republic of) BIUFO IE Ireland BIUF- IL Israel (State of) BIUFO IT Italy (Italian Republic) --u-- JM Jamaica BIUF- JP Japan ----- JO Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) --Uf- KZ Kazakhstan ---f- KE Kenya (Republic of) --u-- KI Kiribati (Republic of) ----- KP Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) BIUFO KR Korea (Republic of ) -I--- KW Kuwait (State of) --U-- KG Kyrgyzstan ----- LA Lao People's Democratic Republic -IUF- LV Latvia (Republic of) ----- LB Lebanon (Lebanese Republic) --u-- LS Lesotho (Kingdom of) ----- LR Liberia (Republic of) ----- LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ----- LI Liechtenstein (Principality of) --UFo LT Lithuania bIUFo LU Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of) ---F- MO Macau (Ao-me'n) ----- ?? Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) ----- MG Madagascar (Democratic Republic of) ----- MW Malawi (Republic of) bIUF- MY Malaysia ----- MV Maldives (Republic of) --u-- ML Mali (Republic of) --u-- MT Malta (Republic of) ----- MH Marshall Islands (Republic of the) ----- MQ Martinique (French Department of) ----- MR Mauritania (Islamic Republic of) ---f- MU Mauritius BIuF- MX Mexico (United Mexican States) ----- FM Micronesia (Federated States of) --UF- MD Moldova (Republic of) ----- MC Monaco (Principality of) ----- MN Mongolia (Mongolian People's Republic) ----- MS Montserrat ----- MA Morocco (Kingdom of) --u-- MZ Mozambique (People's Republic of) ----- MM Myanmar (Union of) --u-- NA Namibia (Republic of) ----- NR Nauru (Republic of) ----- NP Nepal (Kingdom of) BIUFO NL Netherlands (Kingdom of the) ----- AN Netherlands Antilles ----- NT Neutral Zone (between Saudi Arabia and Iraq) --U-- NC New Caledonia -IUF- NZ New Zealand --u-- NI Nicaragua (Republic of) --u-- NE Niger (Republic of the) ----- NG Nigeria (Federal Republic of) ----- NU Niue ----- NF Norfolk Island ----- MP Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the) BIUFO NO Norway (Kingdom of) ----- OM Oman (Sultanate of) --U-- PK Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) ----- PW Palau (Republic of) b-uF- PA Panama (Republic of) --u-- PG Papua New Guinea --u-- PY Paraguay (Republic of) --Uf- PE Peru (Republic of) --uF- PH Philippines (Republic of the) ----- PN Pitcairn BIUF- PL Poland (Republic of) bIUFO PT Portugal (Portuguese Republic) bIUF- PR Puerto Rico ----- QA Qatar (State of) --u-- RE Re'union (French Department of) B--f- RO Romania BiUF- RU Russian Federation ----- RW Rwanda (Rwandese Republic) ----- SH Saint Helena ----- KN Saint Kitts and Nevis ----- LC Saint Lucia ----- PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French Department of) ----- VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ----- WS Samoa (Independent State of) ----- SM San Marino (Republic of) ----- ST Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of) B---- SA Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) --Uf- SN Senegal (Republic of) --u-- SC Seychelles (Republic of) ----- SL Sierra Leone (Republic of) bIuF- SG Singapore (Republic of) bIUF- SK Slovakia -IUFO SI Slovenia ----- SB Solomon Islands ----- SO Somalia (Somali Democratic Republic) -IUFO ZA South Africa (Republic of) BIUFO ES Spain (Kingdom of) --U-- LK Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of) ----- SD Sudan (Democratic Republic of the) --u-- SR Suriname (Republic of) ----- SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands ----- SZ Swaziland (Kingdom of) BIUFo SE Sweden (Kingdom of) BIUFO CH Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) ----- SY Syria (Syrian Arab Republic) BIuF- TW Taiwan, Province of China --uf- TJ Tajikistan ---f- TZ Tanzania (United Republic of) -IUF- TH Thailand (Kingdom of) --u-- TG Togo (Togolese Republic) ----- TK Tokelau ----- TO Tonga (Kingdom of) --u-- TT Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of) bIUfo TN Tunisia BI-F- TR Turkey (Republic of) --U-- TM Turkmenistan ----- TC Turks and Caicos Islands ----- TV Tuvalu ---f- UG Uganda (Republic of) --UF- UA Ukraine ----- AE United Arab Emirates bIUFO GB United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) BIUFO US United States (United States of America) ----- UM United States Minor Outlying Islands --UF- UY Uruguay (Eastern Republic of) --UF- UZ Uzbekistan --u-- VU Vanuatu (Republic of, formerly New Hebrides) ----- VA Vatican City State (Holy See) -IU-- VE Venezuela (Republic of) ----- VN Vietnam (Socialist Republic of) ----- VG Virgin Islands (British) ---f- VI Virgin Islands (U.S.) ----- WF Wallis and Futuna Islands ----- EH Western Sahara ----- YE Yemen (Republic of) ----- YU Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of) ----- ZR Zaire (Republic of) --uf- ZM Zambia (Republic of) --uf- ZW Zimbabwe (Republic of)

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