INFORMATION & Instructions- FidoNet

INFORMATION & Instructions- FidoNet

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FidoNet Nodelist for Friday, March 26, 1993 -- Day number 085 : 31877 The FidoNet(r) NodeList, a listing of the systems within FidoNet. Copyright 1993, Fido Software. All rights reserved except for the following: The FidoNet NodeList is compiled so that computer systems within FidoNet may communicate with each other. Use and intra-FidoNet distribution rights are granted to all FidoNet system operators for the purposes of communication within FidoNet or applying for a FidoNet node number.

This is a compilation of individual nodelist segments contributed by the drafters and compilers of those segments. Contribution of these segments to this compilation does not diminish the rights of the contributors.

Other use without express written consent is not allowed. For other use, please contact Fido Software, Box 77731, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA.

Fido(r), FidoNet(r), and the dog with diskette are registered marks of Tom Jennings and Fido Software.



You can request the most recent nodelist/nodediff from your Network or Region Coordinator. They are usually available with the "magic name" of NODELIST or NODEDIFF.


The following flags define special operating conditions:

Flag Meaning

CM Node accepts mail 24 hours a day MO Node does not accept human callers LO Node accepts calls Only from Listed

FidoNet addresses

The following flags define modem capabilities supported:

Flag Meaning

V21 CCITT V21 300 bps full duplex V22 CCITT V22 1200 bps full duplex V29 CCITT V29 9600 bps half duplex V32 CCITT V32 9600 bps full duplex V32b CCITT V32bis 14400 bps full duplex V33 CCITT V33 V34 CCITT V34 V42 LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP V42b CCITT V42bis

MNP Microcom Networking Protocol error correction

H96 Hayes V9600 HST USR Courier HST H14 USR Courier HST 14.4 H16 USR Courier HST 16.8 MAX Microcom AX/96xx series PEP Packet Ensemble Protocol CSP Compucom Speedmodem ZYX Zyxel series

NOTE: Many V22 modems also support Bell 212A.

If no modem flag is given, Bell 212A is assumed for 1200 bps systems, CCITT V22bis is assumed for 2400 bps systems.

A separate modem capability flag should not be used when it can be determined by the modem flag. For instance, a modem flag of HST implies MNP. V32b implies V32 and V42b implies V42. MNP,HST and V32,V32b and V42,V42b flag pairs are unnecessary.

The following flags define the type(s) of compression of mail packets supported.

Flag Meaning

MN No compression supported

NOTE: The only compression method standard in FidoNet is archiving, using the standard SEA ARC format, with archive names defined by the specification for ARCMail 0.6. The absence of the MN flag indicates that ARCMail 0.6 compression is supported by this node.

The following flags indicate the types of file/update requests supported.

|--------------------------------------------------| | | Bark | WaZOO |

| |---------------------|---------------------| | | File | Update | File | Update | | Flag | Requests | Requests | Requests | Requests |

|------|----------|----------|----------|----------| | XA | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | | XB | Yes | Yes | Yes | No | | XC | Yes | No | Yes | Yes | | XP | Yes | Yes | No | No | | XR | Yes | No | Yes | No | | XW | No | No | Yes | No | | XX | No | No | Yes | Yes |


The following software is qualified to use the appropriate file request flag according to information provided by developers:

|-----------------------------------| | Flag Software Package |

|-----------------------------------| | XA Frontdoor 1.99b and lower | | Frontdoor 2.01 and higher | | Dutchie 2.90c | | Binkleyterm 2.1 and higher | | D'Bridge 1.2 and lower | | TIMS |

|-----------------------------------| | XB Binkleyterm 2.0 | | Dutchie 2.90b |

|-----------------------------------| | XC Opus 1.1 |

|-----------------------------------| | XP Seadog |

|-----------------------------------| | XR Opus 1.03 |

|-----------------------------------| | XW Fido 12N and higher | | Tabby |

|-----------------------------------| | XX D'Bridge 1.30 | | Frontdoor 1.99c/2.00 | | InterMail 2.01 |

|-----------------------------------| | None QMM |


The following flag defines gateways to other domains (networks).

Flag Meaning Gx..x Gateway to domain 'x..x', where 'x..x` is a string of alphanumeric characters. Valid values for 'x..x' are assigned by the FidoNet International Coordinator. This flag is not authorized for use by any node unless specifically authorized by the IC or FidoNet Inter- Network Coordinator. Registered domain gateways include: uucp to be used only by nodes in a list of authorized sites available at 1:1/31.

The following flags define the dedicated mail periods supported. They have the form "#nn" or !nn where nn is the UTC hour the mail period begins, # indicates Bell 212A compatibility, and ! indicates incompatibility with Bell 212A.

Flag Meaning

#01 Zone 5 mail hour (01:00 - 02:00 UTC)

#02 Zone 2 mail hour (02:30 - 03:30 UTC)

#08 Zone 4 mail hour (08:00 - 09:00 UTC)

#09 Zone 1 mail hour (09:00 - 10:00 UTC)

#18 Zone 3 mail hour (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)

#20 Zone 6 mail hour (20:00 - 21:00 UTC)

NOTE: When applicable, the mail period flags may be strung together with no intervening commas, eg. "#02#09". Only mail hours other than that standard within a node's zone should be given. Since observance of mail hour within one's zone is mandatory, it should not be indicated.

The following flag defines user-specific values. If present, this flag MUST be the last flag present in a nodelist entry.

Flag Meaning

Ux..x A user-specified string, which may contain any alphanumeric character except blanks. This string may contain one to thirty-two characters of information that may be used to add user-defined data to a specific nodelist entry. The character "U" should NOT be repeated, eg, "UXXX,YYY" not "UXXX,UYYY".

This flag is NOT to be used for advertisements, or non-essential information. If you have questions concerning the use of this flag, please contact your Network and Regional Coordinator.


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