FidoNet in Zambia

FidoNet in Zambia

An update on the situation in Zambia:

Zambia has a reliable e-mail only fidonet network of over 270 points. The majority of these are in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, but there are now active e-mail points in all nine provinces and all provincial capitals are represented. E-mail connection to the Internet is via a thrice-daily dial up connection with Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. The network has been administered so far by the Computer Centre at the University of Zambia and as such has been wholely non-commercial.

We are currently installing a leased connection to access the Internet directly via TICSA (The Internet Company of South Africa) in Cape Town. This line is in place and once we have persuaded the modems at either end to connect the network at the University will be part of the Internet. A company called ZAMNET Communication Systems Limited has been established by the University to sell Internet services to commercial and non-commercial customers and thus cover the vast expense of the leased comms link to SA. If you need to know more, or any specific details please contact Mark Bennett (Computer Centre Director) at, or myself.

There is a list on the Internet for Zambians and those interested in Zambia. It is carried as a conference on the Zambian fidonet network as well. To subscribe contact Collins Sianangama ( or use

University of Zambia Computer Centre E-Mail: 41011.130910 GEcho/386 1.01+

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