E-Mail Addresses of Cape Town Schools

E-Mail Addresses of Cape Town Schools

From: "Arthur R. McGee" ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: (Stephen Marquard) Newsgroups: za.schools,,sanet.config Date: 17 Jan 1994 10:57:48 +0200 Organization: University of Cape Town SUBJECT: EMAIL ADDRESSES OF CAPE TOWN SCHOOLS

The following schools in the Western Cape now have email and news access:

* Pinelands High School * Simonstown High School Kalk Bay Primary School

These schools are likely to have access within 2 to 3 weeks, as soon as they set up their software:

* Westerford High School * CBC (Greenpoint) * Milnerton Primary School Fishhoek Middle School

(* = Netware LAN)

Diocesan College (Bishops), Herschel, Grove Primary School and Table View High School are committed to involvement, but in some cases are waiting for the installation of LANs before proceeding. Most will be online within 3-6 months. A number of other schools have expressed interest, and my guess is that numbers will grow quickly.

All of these schools have UUCP dial-up access to, a FreeBSD system running Taylor UUCP, Smail and INN. picasso isn't yet on the net, and connects to at regular intervals with a v32bis modem. picasso has been set up to supply email & news feeds to any schools, educational institutions or education-oriented individuals in the Western Cape, and so applications from potential new users are welcome.

Most schools still only have 2400bps modems, so if you do send anything to these addresses, please bear this in mind. Email access for individuals at schools will vary; schools with LANs and PMail are encouraged to give accounts with email access to anyone interested, while this is somewhat less practical for schools using stand-alone setups.

For more information, mail to will reach someone in the know. Failing that, try

Duncan Meyer, Simonstown High School Telephone (021) 786-1056, Fax (021) 786-1065 or June Burgess, Westerford High School Telephone (021) 689-9154, Fax (021) 689-5675

My thanks to those who have given technical, logistic, or moral support for this endeavour, particularly Rob Braun (comgate), Mike Lawrie (Rhodes University), Mike Wright (St Andrews College), Rolf Poser (UP) and Pinelands High School.

Stephen Marquard

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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