E-Mail to Niger

E-Mail to Niger

E-Mail to Niger ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

While I realize that this isn't access to Niger, maybe it will help point the person who was asking about how to e-mail that country in the right direction.

-Contact this APC Organization:

GreenNet 23 Bevenden Street London N1 6BH ENGLAND tel: +44 (071) 608-3040 fax: +44 (071) 490-4070 e-mail: cdp!gn!support NUA Address: 23421920100515

-Rates and Local Information: NIGERPAC

Data Network Identification Code (DNIC) 614

ALL CHARGES: Standard charge (per segment) 0.82 pence Lower charge (per segment) 0.656 pence * Minimum call charge 10 segments **

* The lower charge is applied to all segments transmitted and received on calls to locations other than North America or Europe after the 500 Kilo/segment threshold has been exceeded. This applies to a single UK NUA to any destination other than North America or Europe within a normal billing quarter.

** The minimum call charge of 10 segments is applied to all call attempts except those cleared by the network.

-VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT): 15 percent to be added to the above charges.

-NIGER TO UK: Details of available services and charges are not available.

-There is a small UNIX system in Niamey Niger. For information about access send email to: root@niamey.orstom.frth

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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