E-Mail to Cameroon

E-Mail to Cameroon

Newsgroups: Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 00:18:29 -0500 Message-ID: Reply-To: From: Subject: Addresses in Cameroon

Some time ago there was a request for e-mail contacts in the Cameroon. Following is the information provided to me by Joseph Nkwain.


E-mail addresses

1) 2) (Derek Ajesam) 3) (Joseph Nkwain)

The above persons are running the pioneer e-mail system in Cameroon, and are based at Centre for Health Technology (CHT) of the National Polytechnic, University of Yaounde.


Please note that as far as I am aware access to these addresses is only possible via the HealthNet satellite (although this is transparent to Internet users) and communication using this satellite should be health- related in order to meet local licensing agreements.

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