E-Mail to Lesotho

E-Mail to Lesotho

E-MAIL TO LESOTHO ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Fromuwvax!!!!!uunet !psgrain!!hippo!ccml Fri Mar 19 09:38:35 CST 1993 Article: 13349 of soc.culture.african Newsgroups: soc.culture.african Path:uwvax!!!!!uune t!psgrain!!hippo!ccml From: (Mike Lawrie) Subject: Email to Lesotho is operational Message-ID: <> Organization: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 17:03:22 GMT Lines: 22

It is now possible to exchange email with some sites in Lesotho. The link to the Lesotho Highlands Health Survey is a uucp link on a moderate bandwidth line (9600 bd), so it would be appreciated if huge volumes of data were not sent without prior consultation. The route of the email is from a waffle system at the LHHS via a 9600bd dialup to Rhodes University where it joins the Internet.

Contact point at the LHHS is Royce Robbins .

This, and another uucp link to Per Lindevall's Mac at shows that it is quite practical to have email in Lesotho, and we would all like to see this grow to more sites. All help with finding potential email users, and encouraging them, would be appreciated.

A fledgling uucp link is in place, but unstable at this stage try: (Lesotho Highlands Health Survey) or (Lesotho Government Computer Centre)

Should problems be experienced, address queries to Mike Lawrie of Rhodes University at .

Mike Lawrie Director, Computing Services ph +27 461 22023 x 279 Rhodes University, Drostdy Rd fx +27 461 25049 Grahamstown 6140, South Africa

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