APC Small Hosts List

APC Small Hosts List

Host Name    Country            Internet Style Address        Fido Node

Polling to/polled by GreenNet

aganet       Mauritius      5:7261/3
angonet      Angola        5:7031/1
adbabjacos   Cote d'Ivoire  5:7721/1
arcc         Kenya            5:731/100
costech      Tanzania      5:7331/1
crack        Kenya           5:7311/21
econews      Kenya          5:7311/20
elci         Kenya            5:731/1
endadak      Senegal       5:7711/1
foeghana     Ghana        5:781/2
ghastinet    Ghana       5:781/1
hnetcam      Cameroon      5:7751/1
hnettan      Tanzania      5:7331/11
hnetug       Uganda         5:7321/11
mukla        Uganda          5:7321/1
muknet       Uganda         5:7321/2
padis        Ethiopia        5:751/1
udsmucc      Tanzania      5:7331/2
unics        Kenya           5:731/4
worknet      South Africa        5:7101/26

Polling to/polled by Sangonet - South Africa
afroline     Mozambique    5:7221/1
mango        Zimbabwe           5:7211/1
unima        Malawi          5:7231/1

Polling to/polled by Rhodes Univ RSA
unza         Zambia           5:761/1

Polling to/polled by Padisnet - Ethiopia
adal         Eritrea          5:7552/2
eisa         Eritrea          5:7552/1

Polling to/polled by Elci - Kenya
arso         Kenya            5:731/10
marie        Tanzania        5:7331/12

Polling to/polled by Baobab, Washinton - USA
lixy         Nigeria          5:7861/101

inbb         Bombay, India      6:606/1
indl         Delhi, India      2:254/70.194
phil         Philippines      6:751/401
emc          Philippines       6:751/401
fd           Madras, India        6:751/405
dak          Bangladesh       6:607/1
slnet        Sri Lanka     6:605/1

ecn          Czech/Slovak Reps         2:420/50
toppsi       Eire/Nth Ireland      2:263/151
globenet     France       2:320/211
histria      Slovenia          2:380/102

The Baobab   USA           1:109/151

Sigh. I have debated back and forth with myself as to whether or not I should distribute this list. I said to myself that someone without a clue is going to abuse it. I then said that's true, but I should share the info with those who are responsible. So, back and forth I went, and, as you will see below, I decided to give you folks a chance to hang yourselves.

If this list is abused it will be the first and last time because it will never be distributed by me again. You might get it from somewhere else, but I promise that it won't be coming from this netizen.

Oh yes, and for those that don't understand what abuse means, I'll put it simply: DON'T bother sending email to any of these sights unless you have something to contribute to the field of International Networking in LDCs, you want to send them some money, or you have a prior relationship with people at the sight. This is being extreme, but it means that you shouldn't send any "Hi, this is Duffus in the imperialist United States. Would you like to be my penpal?" type messages. :-(

Art McGee []

Newsgroups: bit.listserv.devel-l
From: "Arthur R. McGee" 
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 18:31:47 +0100 (BST)
From: Karen Banks 
To: Arthur R. McGee 
Subject: APC Small Hosts List

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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