Frederic Vigneau, UN-EUE Field Officer

20 September, 1994

1. Region 5 officials in Gode

It has now been more than a month, since 15 August 1994, that all the heads of department and their deputies from 24 various governmental bureaux were officially suspended from their positions. Since then, no new officials have been nominated.

However, a delegation was sent from Jijiga to Gode to inform the employees of various administrations that the bureaux are now transferred to Jijiga. Consequently, the staff will have to proceed soon to this new location.

The acting vice-president of Region 5, Mr. Abdi Karim Kalinle is still in charge. He and the president, Abdi Rahman Ugas, are "worried" about the availability of space in Jijiga for the bureaux. Meanwhile, in Gode the new administrative compound, including 91 offices, has been completed.

2. Food distribution

Since last moth, the 283 tons of food allocated to the Gode zones (Kalafo, Ferfer, Imi and Mustahil) has still not been distributed. Apparently the food is no longer in the warehouse and has already been sold out in the market.

Due to lack of officials, especially at the Relief and Rehabilitation Bureau (RRB) office, no clear explanation was available regarding this movement of food.

3. Security

No major incidents have been reported in Gode town since the weekend of the election on 27 August, 1994 (see election report of 1 September, 1994). However, last week on the road between Kebre Dehar and Denan, an ambulance and another vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Gode were attacked and destroyed by fire. No casualties were reported.

4. Refugees and returnees in Kalafo

The previous area of around 6,000 square metres as reported on 15 August 1994, where the new refugees have settled, has doubled and the number of Somali huts in the area have increased. None, however, are occupied at the moment.

It seems that some members of the Kalafo administration were involved in the building of the unoccupied Somali huts, in order to increase the amount of any eventual relief assistance.

Nevertheless, today this camp remains empty. Apparently the "new arrivals" have been integrated into Kalafo town and have dispersed to the surrounding villages.

According to the EPRDF, the same situation exists in the village of Sibo, 40 kms from Kalafo on the way to Mustahil. This village was mainly used as a transit point, and there have been no new arrivals here. Also, in the past two weeks no movements of people have been reported from Belet Wein.

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