About the UN-EUE

The UN-EUE is a support unit for the UN Disaster Management teem in Ethiopia and is responsible for monitoring the situation in the traditionally vulnerable and politically sensitive areas of the country. It is a reporting unit, and it produce, on a regular monthly basis, a series of reports (both general and thematic) on the areas that we cover. These include issues pertaining to the food security of vulnerable areas, the situation in the Ethiopian Somali Region and Afar Region, the situation in Somalia and Northwest Somalia (Somaliland) - a topic of interest due to possible influxes into Ethiopia - as well as a monthly situation report for Ethiopia based on collected information from the UN, Government and NGOs operating in the country.

UN-EUE				Tel.: (251) (1)	51-10-28/29   
PO Box 5580, Fax: (251) (1) 51-12-92
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Email:UNEUE@padis.gn.apc.org