Program, Curriculum and Materials Development, Coordination and Evaluation: a Certificate Program for Graduate Students

African Language Program Development, Coordination and Evaluation; Curriculum & Material Development and Evaluation: a Certificate Program for African Language Instructors


About the NALRC

The National African Language Resource Center is a federally-funded, non-profit national foreign language center dedicated to the advancement of African language teaching and learning in the United States.

The Centerís mission is to serve the entire community of African language teachers and learners in the United States by sponsoring a wide range of educational and professional activities designed to improve the accessibility and quality of African language instruction in the United States.


About the Summer 2002 Institute

The summer 2002 institute will help prepare African language educators in the vital areas of program development, coordination and evaluation and curriculum and material

As interest in African language learning and teaching increases, so does the need to prepare our graduate students and teaching assistants who are planning to pursue African language teaching as a profession.The Summer 2002 Institute has been designed to help meet this need.It will train fellows in a number of crucial areas central to the effective design and operation of an African Language Program.African language scholars who are interested in professional development are also encouraged to participate in the institute.


Program Description:

The program consists of a two-week intensive introduction to:

a)      Program development, coordination and evaluation;

b)      Curriculum development and evaluation; and

c)      Material development and evaluation.


Fellows will learn how to start a new African language program, or how to enhance an existing one.They will also have hands-on experience in formulating guidelines for program, curriculum and material development.


The summer 2002 institute provides each fellow:


††††††††††† A two-week training program from June 3 - June 14, 2002;

††††††††††† Travel expenses to and from Madison:(reimbursed);

††††††††††† Room and board;

††††††††††† A $500 stipend;

††††††††††† A NALRC certificate of completion awarded at the end of the program.


* Fellows will be reimbursed when they have†† submitted all the required documents during the course of the institute.



NALRCís location at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides access to all of the universityís state-of-the-art classroom facilities.




Antonia Folarin Schleicher, Director

Oyenike Effiong, Project Assistant


Anand Prithivathi, Project Assistant


Olusola Adesope, Technology Coordinator



Applicants must be graduate students in good standing in any African language, linguistics, cultural studies, literature, second language acquisition, or any related field at an accredited institution of higher education.African language instructors and scholars may also apply.


Experience in teaching African languages is preferable.In addition, all applicants must demonstrate serious interest in African language learning and teaching.


Application Process:

The applicant should submit a letter of application and supporting documents for the summer 2002 institute by April 1, 2002.Applicants will be notified of selection by April 15, 2002.Up to ten fellows will be selected.


Supporting documents are a CV and three letters of recommendation.One of the letters should be from the director of the applicantís African language program.


You can submit your application and supporting documents through the electronic mail (e-mail).


National African Language Resource Center

4231 Humanities Building

455 N. Park Street

Madison, WI53706

Tel: (608) 265-7905

Fax: (608) 265-7904





® If you have a foreign Visa, please speak with Olusola Adesope at 608-265-7901 or e-mail: ooadesope@facstaff.wisc.edufor information about documents needed to process the stipend.

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