Africa Midwives Research Network Conference, 12/01

Africa Midwives Research Network Conference, 12/01

Third Biennial Scientific Conference and Meeting
10-12 December, 2001
Arusha International Conference Centre
Arusha, Tanzania

Evidence - Based Reproductive Health Care: A Key to the Development of All Nations.



Many problems of maternal and newborn care still remain unanswered or they have been explored, but midwives may have not used the findings to evaluate and improve their practice particularly in Africa. Problems, for example female genital mutilation, which might lead to life threatening complications during labour and delivery, are unfamiliar to many African midwives. The need to have opportunity to share researches and experiences among the midwives is mandatory.

Africa Midwives Research Network is a unique organization in the Region, in which midwives can learn, from each other on how to conduct research and utilize research findings in their daily practice. The Africa Midwives Research Network (AMRN) was initiated in Tanzania in 1992 by midwives from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Sweden. The Network was constituted and officially elected official leaders in Harare, Zimbabwe, during the first Scientific conference and meeting of the Network. The chair is Tanzania, Deputy chair is Eritrea, Treasurer is Zimbabwe and Secretary is Zambia.

The Network with support from Sweden SIDA, SAREC and WHO has organized various scientific conferences, meetings and workshops for the purpose of improving midwifery practice and education ultimately reaching the goal of reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

The theme and sub-themes of the 3rd Biennial conference will provide the opportunity to midwives and interested parties to share knowledge and experiences on how to practice basing on evidence available, which is key for safer pregnancy and childbirth.

To accomplish this, the Africa Midwives Research Network, with financial assistance from SIDA and interested Donors will host the 3rd Biennial Midwives Scientific Conference and biennial meeting in December 2001. AMRN has planned to hold the 3rd Biennial Conference and meeting at Arusha International Conference Center (AICC).

It is worth noting that this is going to be a unique conference. It is an opportunity for midwives to share and examine midwifery practice basing on evidence available, considering the fact that, changes are continuous, and discoveries are out there. It will be an opportune time to reflect on questions like: How often do midwives use reference materials to improve practice? How often do midwives take time to search for scientific answers to solve problems within her/his sphere of practice? How do midwives modify practice to prevent maternal death?

It is the hope of the Network that interesting papers will be presented basing on the conference theme and sub-themes.

Organizing Committee

Dates to Remember:

30th March, 2001: Last day for receipt of Abstracts 30th September, 2001: Last day for low price registration. Thereafter, higher fee will be applied (see registration fee)



The purpose of the conference is for midwives and interested partners to:
* To assist midwives to use evidence in midwifery practice and education in order to improve reproductive health of all people inregion of Africa.
* Share research findings and its implications to midwifery practice and education.
* Share experiences, concerns, fears and ideas regarding midwifery and research.
* Reflect on successes and failures in midwifery practice
* Draw up recommendations for the improvement of midwifery practice, education and research.

Conference theme and sub - themes:

The conference will be organized under the major theme "Evidence based Reproductive Health care: A key to the development of all nations".
Sub - themes:

There will be 11 sub-themes under the major theme, which include:

1. Linking research and midwifery practice
2. Research and midwifery Education
3. Quality assurance in midwifery practice
4. Making pregnancy safer
5. Making childbirth safer
6. STDs/HIV/AIDS and midwifery
7. Postpartum care
8. Breastfeeding
9. Managing the common causes of maternal morbidity and mortality
10. Community based Midwifery practice
11. Skilled attendant at delivery

Other Activities

1. Exhibition of midwifery related issues
2. Commercial exhibits
3. Annual meeting
4. Opening and closing ceremonies
5. Welcome reception
6. Closing reception


English, and there may be translation facilities to other languages, for example, French, Portuguese depending on the financial position of the Network.


Abstracts addressing the theme and sub-themes on the conference and related to reproductive health are called for.
Paper presentation

Papers will be presented for 15 minutes only. During paper presentations there will be plenary sessions and discussions.

There will be a group of rapporteurs who will be taking note of the days events and report to the plenary every day first thing in the morning of the previous day's proceedings. This will highlight emerging ideas regarding the way forward and toward drafting the report and resolutions of the conference.

The Exhibitions

The exhibitions will be displayed throughout the conference time. An individual or a group of persons who wish to display posters and any other supplies will need to apply to the organizing committee for exhibition space no later than 30th March, 2001.

The Conference Papers

All accepted abstracts will be included in the oral or poster sessions. All abstracts should be submitted on the format provided. They are to be received no later than 30th March, 2001. Decision on acceptance of paper will be done by the Scientific Conference Committee based upon scientific merits and potential to contribute to improvement on midwifery practice and reproductive health. The authors whose abstracts are accepted, will have to submit one hard copy to the organizing committee for inclusion in the proceedings manual and they are expected to attend the conference and present their papers.

Abstracts of all accepted papers will be printed in the book of Abstract, which will be distributed on registration at the registration desk at the venue of the conference, Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC).

Presenter may choose the mode of presentation (oral, poster). The presenter may need to inform the organizing committee of any audio visual aids required in good time.

Abstract Preparation

Abstract will appear in the Abstract book in exactly the form and condition submitted by the author. Authors are requested to do the following:
1. Title of abstract in mixed case letters
2. Background, methods, results, conclusions ands recommendation sec tions.
3. The full name , address, telephone, fax and email contact
4. The presenting author will have to abide to the format of how to present the abstract
5. The abstract should fit in the format provided.


Early registration

Advance, Post marked by 30th September, 2001
US$ 50 (non Resident)
Tsh. 20,000 (Resident)
Registration will cover participation in all conference activities, provision of Abstract book, Conference programs and participation in welcome reception.

Late registration
After 30th September, 2001, fee will be US$ 75 (Non Residents)
Tsh. 25,000 (Residents).

Contact address:

All conference correspondences should be forwarded to:

Africa Midwives Research Network
c/o Faculty of Nursing
Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences
P. O. Box 65004
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255-51-153-506
Fax: +255-51-153-506


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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