Main Moroccan Museums


Musee d'Art Archeologique

(Archaeological Museum)
Zankat El Brihi, Rabat

Collection of superb bronzes recovered from the excavations at Volubilis, the RomanoBerber capital of Mauritania Tingitana. When Rome ordered the evacuation of Volubilis in the third century, the citizens, expecting to return shortly, buried their works of art outside the city, where they were to remains undisturbed for 17 centuries. These pieces are kept apart in the Salle des Bronzes In addition to many small Greco- Roman statuettes, there are three or four important pieces: the Guard-Dog (centerpiece of a fountain); the ivy- crowned Youth, the Rider and the busts presumed to be those of Cato the Youger and the young King Juba II of Mauritania Tingitana.

Musee des Oudayas

(Museum of the Oudayas)
Oudayas, Rabat

Collection of various types of Moroccan carpets:
- Urban carpets from Rabat and Mediouna, oriental in origin.
- Thick-pile urban carpets in the Berber tradition.
- Musical instruments from town and country.
- A jewellery room (gold and silver) with precious stones and pearls.
- Pottery from Rabat and Sale.


Musee Dar Batha

(Batha Museum)
Place de l'Istiqlal, Fes
Tel: 63 4116

Collection of various handicraft articles from different Moroccan regions such as: pottery, old country carpets, bronzes, marble sculpture, Moroccan weapons, old costumes, furniture and harnesses.

Musee des armes

(Arms Museum)
Borj Nord, Fes

Large collection of old fire arms, armor, rifles, swords and daggers.


Dar Jamai

(Jamai Museum)
Place El Hedime, Meknes
Tel: 53 08 63

Handicraft items from Fez and Meknes such as embroidery, wood carvings, leatherwork, carved chests, carpets, ceramics, old jewellery, wrought ironwork, copper and brass items, painted woodwork, traditional costumes and old Korans.


Musee Dar Si Said

(Si Said Museum)

The articles displayed in the museum represent the art of the deep South of Morocco: carpets, caftans, carved cedarwood, tables, Berber silver jewellery, mosaics, lamps, candelabra and pottery.


Musee Archeologique

(Archaeological Museum)

Collection of relics, found during excavations in the Rif Mountains, mainly Roman remains (stones, dolmens, etc.). In addition, there is a collection of old pottery, bronze statuettes, oil lamps and silver goblets. There are numerous vestiges from the ruins of Lixus and Tamuda.

Musee de l 'Art et du Folklore

(Folk and Art Museum)

Collections of furniture and old costumes from the area, and handicrafts products from the towns of Tetuan, Tangier, Chaouen, and the mountain (Jbel) tribes. The museum tries to give a faithful picture of Andalusian art. A section of the museum is devoted to old weapons. The museum has also an exceptional collection of musical instruments used in Andalusian orchestras.