To the women of Africa who graciously taught us their ways of cooking and who have made a genuine contribution to the culinary arts.

This book was compiled with the assistance, encouragement, and guidance of many people both in Africa and the U.S.A. The list is a long one, and my sincere thanks go to everyone on it, with my special gratitude to:

My lovely niece, Bonnie Kogos, who accompanied me on the African Food Safari, performed the necessary public relations, and acted as my editorial assistant.

Chef Kurt Linsi of the Ethiopian Airlines who contributed so much on Ethiopia and gave us some priceless food ideas. Also Miss Yeshi Taffesse of Ethiopian Airlines whose cook, Abeberich, helped us through the most difficult dishes of that country.

Mrs. Matilda Seya of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, at whose home we learned the art of cooking Duckling, Dar Es Salaam, and so many East African dishes. Also chef Jones Mayagola of Irinja, Tanzania.

Mrs. Ruth Habwe of Nairobi, Kenya, who prepared dishes of the Abaluhya tribe you'll find in this book; and Mrs. Phyllis Warden Ishmael, who demonstrated the Kikuyu dishes.

Mrs. Alberta A. Ollennu and her charming group of ladies who prepared and taught us to make the specialties of Ghana.

Mrs. Wilhemina Dukuly of Monrovia, at whose home a group of young dancers also participated in preparation of dishes Liberian: and Mrs. S. Spear who made us her fabulous Liberian Rice Bread and Coconut Pie.

Mamadou Lo and Henri Mercure with special thanks to his chef, Samba Camera, for "Senegalese Specialties," and the little lady whose name we did not get who runs the Djeddah Restaurant in Dakar.

Mrs. Umsalama Elshiekh of the Sudanese Mission and North Khartoum, Sudan, a young bride learned in the ways of cuisine of Sudan.

Chef Mohammed Taib of Casablanca, Morocco, who makes the "meanest" couscous we ever tasted, and superb Arab delicacies.

Mrs. Denise Rakotoniaina of the Mission of Malagasy and of Tananarive, Malagasy, whose dishes we adored, particularly the exciting uses of vanilla.

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson of the South African Consulate for her help on the "Afrikaaner" segment of our book.

Mrs. Maria Theresa Castello Branco of the Portuguese Tourist Services and Mrs. Tina Johnson of Lourenso Marques, Mozambique, for the delightful ideas from Mozambique.

Mr. Stockbridge Bacchus, steward on Pan American World Airways, for his solicitude while we were aloft, his suggestions, and his help.

Additionally, for their untiring assistance in getting our book off the ground: Mrs. Patricia Calvert and Mr. Erich Kuehnert—Ethiopia; Miss Angela Christian, Ministry of Health of Ghana, Vivian Hammond, Patience Atiko Kotei, and Wilhemina Akwei— Ghana; Lorraine Saldanha, Mr. Ivor Davis, Public Relations—Kenya; Mr. and Mrs. James Thurber, Mr. Omar H. Al-Moody of the U.S. Information Service, and Mrs. G. Belcher— Tanzania; Mr. Bai T. Moore for permission to print his poem, Mr. T. Nelson Williams, and Miss Frances Caulker of Monrovia, Liberia.

To the women of Africa who graciously taught us their ways of cooking and who have made a genuine contribution to the culinary arts. Trusting their judgment and my own memories of the wonderful hospitality I have enjoyed in my travels to nearly every country south of the Sahara, I can heartily recommend this book to anyone with a taste for good food and a curiosity about this almost undiscovered facet of African culture.

Extracted with permission from: Bea Sandler. The African Cookbook. Diane & Leo Dillon (Illust.). New York: Carol Publishing Group, 1993.

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