Links to the Middle East & North Africa

Links to the Middle East & North Africa

Any links to Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, and Egypt?

Turkey (TR) and Egypt (EG) and Pakistan (PK) have some connectivity.

Kuwait University (AWAL1.UKWT.KW == may possibly have been connected, in the past.

$ Whois dom % root
Root Domain (ROOT-DOM)
There are 97 known sub-domains:

AG               CRACIN, Inc. 
AL               Department d'Informatique 
AQ               University of Waikato 
AR               Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto 
ARPA             Advanced Projects Research Agency Domain
AT               ACONET-association 
AU               Australian Research Network 
BB               CRACIN, Inc. 
BE               Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
BG               Digital Systems 
BO               Universidad Mayor de San Andres 
BR               Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo 
BS               CRACIN, Inc. 
BZ               CRACIN, Inc. 
CA               Canada Domain 
CH               Switzerland 
CL               University of Chile 
CN               CANET Chinese Academic Network 
CO               University of Los Andes 
COM              Commercial Domain 
CR               Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano - CSUCA 
CS               Prague Institute of Chemical Technology 
CU               Top-Level Domain for Cuba 
DE               Germany 
DK               Dansk UNIX-system Bruger Gruppe 
DM               CRACIN, Inc. 
DO               CRACIN, Inc. 
EC               Republic of Ecuador 
EDU              Educational Domain 
EE               Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics 
EG (EGYPT)       Egyptian Universities and Research Institutes Network 
ES               RedIRIS 
FI               Tampere University of Technology 
FJ               The University of the South Pacific 
FR               France Domain 
GB               University College London 
GD               CRACIN, Inc. 
GOV              Government Domain 
GR               Insitute of Computer Science 
GT               Universidad del Valle de Guatemala 
HK               University of Hong Kong 
HU               Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
IE               Computer Centre UCD 
IL               The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
IN               National Centre for Software Technology 
INT              INT 
IS               Association of Research Networks in Iceland 
IT               CNUCE Istituto del CNR 
JM               CRACIN, Inc. 
JP               Japan Domain 
KE               Kenya Top Level Country Domain 
KN               CRACIN, Inc. 
KR               South Korea Domain 
LC               CRACIN, Inc. 
LK               University of Moratuwa 
LT               Top-level domain for the Republic of Lithuania 
LU               RESTENA 
LV               Communication Center of Latvian Universities 
MIL              Military Domain 
MO               Macau Top-Level Country Domain 
MX               Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de 
MY               Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS) 
MZ               Republic of Mozambique 
NA               University of Namibia 
NATO             North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
NET              Network Domain 
NI               Universidad Nacional del Ingernieria 
NL               Center for Mathematics and Computer Science 
NO               Norwegian Telecommunications Administration 
NZ               Waikato University 
ORG              Organization Domain 
PE               Red Cientifica Peruana 
PG               Papua New Guinea 
PH               Disini Software International Inc. 
PK (PAKISTAN)    Ashar Research 
PL               c/o The Danish Computer Centre for Research & Education 
PR               EPSCoR of Puerto Rico 
PT               Fundacao Calculo Cientifico Nacional (FCCN) 
PY               Laboratorio de Electronica Digital 
SE               Royal Institute of Technology 
SG               National University of Singapore 
SI               ARNES/ c.o. Institute Jozef Stefan 
SR               CRACIN, Inc. 
SU               RelTeam Company, Limited 
TH               Asian Institute of Technology 
TN               Regional Institute for Informatics and 
                 Telecommunications (IRSIT) 
TR (TURKEY)      Ege University Computing Center 
TT               CRACIN, Inc. 
TW               Taiwan 
UK               University College London 
US               US Domain 
UY               Servicio Central de Informatica (SECIU) 
VC               CRACIN, Inc. 
VE               CONICIT 
YU               YUNAC/Institute Jozef Stefan 
ZA               UNINET Project 
ZW               Republic of Zimbabwe 


The staff members of the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania are seeking help in locating internet connections to institutes and universities in the following countries: Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, and Egypt. If you can help us in locating internet address or point us to where we can find this information, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dr. Jack Abercrombie,
Assistant Dean Computing
University of Pennsylvania


Subject: Links to the Middle East Getting Links to the Middle East
From Thu Oct 15 12:25:09 1992
From: (Michael Nenashev)
Date: 15 Oct 92 16:19:25 GMT
Organization: School of Arts and Sciences, UPENN

Subject: Re: Links to the Middle East
From: klassen@sol.UVic.CA (Melvin Klassen)
Organization: University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. CANADA

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