The following newspapers and journals are currently received by one or more of the Consortium libraries. The location of each title is designated by the following letters: B (Bryn Mawr), H (Haverford), P (Universi ty of Pennsylvania), and S (Swarthmore).

Africa Economic Digest H (1990-date)
ASA News: A Quarterly Newsletter for African Studies Association Members H (current issues only), P (latest 2 years only)
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute B (1951-date), H (1951- date), P (1928-date)
Africa Confidential [biweekly] H (1989-date), P (1965-66, 1969, 1985-88, 1990- date)
Africa Contemporary Record P (1968-69, 1980-82, 1988-date)
Africa Development H (1992-date)
Africa News [weekly] H (1990-date)
Africa Recovery B (1991-date), P (latest 2 years)
Africa Report: America s Leading Magazine on Africa [bimonthly] B (1956-1967, 1988-date), H (1960- date), P (1956-date)
Africa Research Bulletin. Economic Series [monthly] H (1986-date), P (1989- 1992)
Africa Research Bulletin. Economic, Financial and Technical Series P (1992-date)
Africa Research Bulletin. Political, Social and Cultural Series [monthly] H (1986-date), P (1992-date)
Africa Today B (1962-1965, 1971-date), H (1954-date), P (1955-date)
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society H (1951-1977, 1984-date), P (1901-date)
African Arts H (1967-date), P (1967-date)
African Concord [weekly] B (1989-date)
African Economic History P (1976-date)
African Environment P (on order)
African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs H (1971-date)
African Studies H (1952-date), P (1942-date)
African Studies Review: The Journal of the African Studies Association H (1958-date), P (1970-date)
Africana Marburgensia P (1968-date)
Afrika Zamani P (on order)
Afrique Magazine P (1990-date)
Antiquités africaines B (1967-date)
Asian and African Studies P (1965-date)
Aziia I Afrika Segodnia P (1961-present)
Beyond Relief P (current issues only)
CSIS Africa Notes [monthly] H (1984-date)
Cahiers d Etudes Africaines H (1960-date), P (1960-date)
Canadian Journal of African Studies B (1971-date), P (1967-date)
Current Bibliography of African Affairs P (1971-date)
Emerge P (1990-date)
Estudios de Asia y Africa P (1975-date)
Facts and Reports: International Press Cuttings on Southern Africa H (1991-date)
Focus on Africa H (1993-date)
Hesperis-Tamuda P (1960-1969, 1971-date)
History in Africa: A Journal of Method H (1974-date), P (1974-date)
International Journal of African Historical Studies H (1968-date), P (1972- date)
Internationales Afrikaforum P (1965-date)
Issue: A Journal of Opinion H (1971-date), P (1973-date)
Jeune Afrique [weekly] H (1992-date), P (1987-date)
Journal des Africanistes P (1976-date)
Journal of African History B (1960-date), H (1960-date), P (1960-date)
Journal of Asian and African Affairs P (1989-date) Journal of East African Research and Development B (1989-date) Journal of Modern African Studies : A Quarterly Survey of Politics, Economics, and Related Topics in Contemporary Africa B (1963-date), H (1963-1976), P (1961-date) Middle Eastern Lectures P (1995, no.1) Okike: An African Journal of New Writing H (on order), P (1971-1982) Quest: An International African Journal of Philosophy/Un Journal International Philosophique Africain H (1987-date) Race Relations News: Newsletter of the South African Institute of Race Relations H (1984-date)
Research in African Literatures B (1988-date), H (1970-date), P (1070- date)
Review of African Political Economy H (1974-date), P (1974-date)
Revista Internacional de Estudios Africanos P (1988-date)
South Africa International H (1970-date)
South Africa Review Service P (latest 2 years only)
Southscan: A Bulletin of Southern African Affairs H (1992-date)
Taamuli: A Political Science Forum H (1971-date)
Transafrican Journal of History H (1971-1976, 1979-date), P (1976-date)
Transition H (1961-1976, 1994 to date on order), P (1991-date)
Ufahamu P (1976-date)
U.S. Imprints on Sub-Saharan Africa P (1985-date)
West Africa [weekly] B (1964-date), H (1951-1977), P (1957-date)

Weekly Mail (Johannesburg) P (current 3 months only)

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