The two largest works on African History are the volumes published by UNESCO and Cambridge University:

General History of Africa. UNESCO International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa. London: Heinemann, 1981-1992. 8 vols.
VP DT20 .G45 1981, vols. 1-8
Museum DT20 .G45 1981, vols. 2-8

Oliver, Roland and J. D. Fage, eds. Cambridge History of Africa. London: Cambridge University Press, 1975-1986. 8 vols.
VP DT20 .C27, vols. 1-8

More specific works include:
Afigbo, A. E. et. al., eds. The Making of Modern Africa. New Ed. New York: Longman, 1986.
Vol. 1: The Nineteenth Century [1968 ed.] VP DT28 .M3
Vol. 2: The Twentieth Century VP DT28 .M32 1986

Davidson, Basil. African Civilization Revisited: From Antiquity to Modern Times. Trenton, N.J.: Africa World Press, 1991.
VP DT14 .D28 1991

Freund, Bill. The Making of Contemporary Africa. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1984.
VP DT28 .F73 1984

Harris. Joseph. Africans and Their History. Revised Edition. New York: New American Library, 1987.
VP DT31 .H28 1987

Martin, Phyllis M. and Patrick O Meara, eds. Africa. 2nd ed. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986.
VP Rosengarten Reserve DT3. .A23 1986

Oliver, Roland and Anthony Atmore. Africa Since 1800. New Edition. Cambridge: Cambridge Univeristy Press, 1994.
VP & Museum DT28 .O4 1994

Oliver, Roland and J. D. Fage. A Short History of Africa. 2nd Edition. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1966.
VP DT20 .O4 1966

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